F is for Feeling (Offish)


My respite of yesterday is definitely, irrefutably over. I’m pretty sure that if the guys dangling on the side of the building drill a little too far, I’ll be offering them a cup of coffee (decaf. Actually, I could make them regular, I still have some of the cups, even if I don’t use them anymore. Mostly to taunt myself with their alluring caffeine goodness).

On the other side, I think this parenthetical thing is going to hang around a while longer, though I’m making no promises about the long-term of the A-to-Z Challenge.

So I’ve got my earplugs, noise-cancelling headphones and some classical music. It’s not actually drowning out the drilling today, but they’ll take lunch eventually and then I have an appointment, so it’s really only a chunk of the day I have to deal with it. Unfortunately, my super-secret spot is currently occupied by not-so-secret public activity (it’s a polling place) so today is a day of making do.

Is that enough preamble before addressing today’s topic? Yes? No? OK, off we go.

It’s a heavy gray day, and apparently drizzling, though not enough of anything to keep the chewers of cement at bay. And I’m just feeling…off. Not up, not down, just off. Perhaps I didn’t sleep enough last night; maybe it’s the days of drilling and other construction nuisances ahead that have hit me. Maybe it is all the other laundry of life, as I think of it, the tasks that remain, stubbornly, until you do them.

Who knows.

What I do know is that eventually these guys will quit for the day, my classical music just picked up, and like the weather, eventually this mood will break, letting the sunshine through the clouds.

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