I is for Information (Age)


Confession time! Everybody loves confession time, right? Except, maybe, people in tiny rooms with aggressive police officers who already have enough information to put them away. I would think they probably don’t enjoy confession time, or the time that comes after that.

But that’s a little off topic.

Nope, my confession isn’t nearly so juicy, nor so jaily. My confession is a little on the minor side, but I’m still going to own up to it.

I adore the information age.

Sometimes I feel as though it is a future I made up in my head when I was a little girl, where every piece of information, every answer to any question I’ve ever pondered is right there, right in front of me. All I have to do is type a few words — heck, I don’t even have to type all of them, Google usually knows what I’m talking about before I’ve even finished typing — and then there it is, the answer. No card catalogs. No librarians. Just me and the World Wide Web.

As a writer, it’s an amazing boon. Like typing the word “boon,” thinking, huh, is that right? It looks weird. Am I writing something weird? I mean weirder than usual? And being able to check it within seconds. Yes, I was right. No, I have not completely lost my grip on the English language.

Research for novels has never been easier. Need to have a better understanding of the physics of time? Thank you, Google! Wondering what was involved in getting dressed in 18th century clothing? There are probably blogs devoted to just that! Want to find a poison to kill a character? The internet is your laboratory. Explaining your search history to the authorities, well, that one’s on you.

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