K is for Kinda (Everything)


Today is one of those days where I’m kinda a little bit of everything. I’m kinda scattered and kinda focused, kinda tired and kinda perky, kinda idea-filled and kinda thinking that the sorta word “kinda” is starting to look awfully strange.

It’s just one of those middle-of-the-road days, I guess. The systems are on, but they’re set to three. On a six point scale.

What’s that, hypothetical reader? Why not a ten point scale? Well, hypothetical reader, in this world, we all have the power to make our own nonsense scales. Why not a 17 point scale, then, you ask? Or a 57.8 point scale? And I would have to say because, hypothetical reader, you thought of it first.

Onward we go. So it’s a kinda kinda day. I don’t know that I’ll feel a rush of anything, whether that’s enthusiasm, boredom (can you have a rush of boredom? I would think it would be more of a slow creep) or determination. I could definitely use a rush of determination today, but apparently that rush is kinda at the cleaners.

Perhaps it is the Monday of it all. Perhaps it’s because I spent yesterday doing my taxes, and it used up a lot of that get-up-and-go-itiveness to grind my way through the most mind-numbing thing in the world you can do that can still end up sending you to jail.

Hang on, hypothetical reader you raise a good point. Is there anything else as deathly dull as taxes that could wind up sending you to jail? I mean don’t most things that can get you in trouble with the government have at least a hint of the outlaw to them? A glimmer of the ole Bonnie and Clyde? Nice thinking, hypothetical reader, nice thinking. You’re right, it’s no “Orange is the New Black” back story.

Anyway, so I think I’m kinda in the taxes aftermath, when all your thoughts are categorized in forms and schedules. At least it’s likely to be kinda short-lived. And on the plus-plus side, there isn’t much noise today. Things are looking up.


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13 thoughts on “K is for Kinda (Everything)

    • I am completely jealous. Though right now I am enjoying the fact that they are done (!) and Orphan Black is back on Saturday, which I couldn’t enjoy until I got them done 😉


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