R is for Really (Overboard)


Yesterday I languished in the absence of construction noise, enjoying every moment of a day without a metal bit chewing through very reluctant concrete. And instead of taking advantage to get work done, I was, if I’m being honest, very lazy.

What’s that, hypothetical reader? You’ve noticed a procrastinaty trend running through these posts? I suppose that is a fair assessment. But I’ve had an excellent reason.

Sorry, hypothetical reader, you’ll have to speak up. What was the reason? Well, it was excellent, as I said. I’m afraid I can’t hear you, hypothetical reader. Our connection seems to be very bad, and no, I can’t be more specific.

So today we have wind, a lot of wind, the kind of wind that rattles the windows and the brand-new leaves. No men scaling buildings today, not with that kind of a wind.

For anyone keeping track, that’s two in a row. Two in a row. Woo-hoo.

And though my instinct is to indulge that cozy, lazy vibe, to look at the ominous clouds and listen to the drone of the wind, wrap myself in a fuzzy blanket and marathon something, anything, that is not what I’m going to do today. No really, hypothetical reader.

What’s that? You’re saying that I can hear you? The line must have cleared. You know, they do that sometimes. Oops, sorry, losing you again.

That’s the thing. It can be so tempting, when something has been particularly pleasant, to really push into it, to curl up into it, and stick with it. But often, it’s the uniqueness of a moment or a day or an opportunity that makes it so satisfying. You take that away, and you just have routine.

So I will not go overboard enjoying my silence today. I will get work done. I will be effective. And I will listen to the wind, because a wind like that one doesn’t come along often.

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