S is for Slowing (Down)


OK, so here we are at the bottom end of the alphabet, and I have to admit that I’m not as quick with ideas as I was at the start. And let’s be honest, it’s not as though S is a terribly challenging letter. It’s utterly swimming with possibilities.

It’s funny how things change with a little perspective, with a little time in. Things that seem easy at first intensify in their challenge; things that were hard become easier.

I wish I was a little sillier today, a little more frivolous, but it seems my sense of humor is off on its own, probably having the time of its life, as senses of humor tend to do. And that’s going to be problematic, because I have homework for my comedy writing class due tomorrow.

It’s kind of a basic requirement for comedy that it should be funny, right? Or maybe not, depending on the comedian. Combination ba-dum-bum/snap. Though that was a pretty nonspecific snap if ever there was one. And yes, today is retro insult day, why do you ask?

So hopefully my humor is just taking a nap, as we all likely want to do, and will be easily reachable with the time comes to tackle my scene. Or maybe I can claim that it’s some kind of meta anti-humor, that it’s funny in its utter lack of funniness. That seems like it could be a thing, right?

No? Really?


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2 thoughts on “S is for Slowing (Down)

    • Hmm, I might have to steal it! It’s crazy how much more challenging they get. But I seem to be in a general writing dry spell, I have a sketch due for my writing class tomorrow, and I am nowhere with it. Oops.


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