T is for Totally (Behind)


Oh dear. Here we are on Thursday, and I still haven’t written my scene for class tonight. My last class, as it happens. Don’t worry, I’m signed up for the next one, they all roll seamlessly into one another, and aside from a week without homework, it’s business as usual.

Well, not exactly as usual, it’s a new teacher with the new class, so we’ll see how that goes. I’ve really enjoyed this one, he’s sharp, obviously an excellent writer, and he’s got a finely-honed sense of humor.

See what I did there? Veering away from the topic at hand? Yes, hypothetical reader, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing with this homework assignment. Every time I start going on it, something else beckons.

I thought I made some progress yesterday, but I really don’t like the way the thing is working. Or, to be more accurate, not working. So I’m not sure I’m going to keep it.

But to top off the whole thing, the drilling today is up close and personal as they say. As who says, hypothetical reader? I’m not sure, but I’d think “they” are located somewhere in your neighborhood.

So I’ll probably have to go somewhere to get the work done, if what’s happening right now — the sound of a growling enormous monster gnawing down to the metal — keeps up, it is going to be tough to focus. As if it wasn’t already.

As I said, oh dear

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3 thoughts on “T is for Totally (Behind)

  1. Brook

    So frustrating when that happens! But, *you’ve written about the frustration and that’s a great start!!!* (and *makes us want to know what happens next*…*which is Great Writing!!!*)


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