I Can Free Blog! Uh Oh, I Have to Free Blog


On this first day of blogging after finishing the A-to-Z Blogging Challenge, it’s strange to sit down to my post without a starting point. Without a basic requirement to be met.

The world is my blogosphere.

Or my postosphere. The world is some kind of sphere and I can choose any point in it for blogging. Which leaves a lot of possibilities. And on my maiden voyage after the challenge, it almost seems like too much choice.

Which really shouldn’t be a thing. I mean, choice is good, right? Isn’t it supposed to be?

Though I have read that too many options can be as detrimental as too few. Confronted with all of those possibilities, some among us — I won’t name any names but one of them can probably be found at the sidebar of this blog — freeze. It’s a kind of perfectionism, I guess. Not only having to make a good choice, but making the ideal, most perfect choice.

Which seems silly when you are talking about a blog post, right? I mean, what is the perfect blog post? And even if this one is less than perfect, which it might be, or probably is, I get to do it again tomorrow.

Clean page, clean slate.

I will say that having a little bit of a prompt definitely helped get me started during the challenge. I can pass on the six-day-a-week blogging though. It seems a little excessive to me, but it was good for forming habits.

And look at that. I spent so much time musing about a blog post, I actually wrote a blog post. I love it when things work out that way.

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