Homework Bound


Well, you might have noticed I’ve been a little blog AWOL the last few days. It was a combination of a teeny dose of the over-blogs from the A-to-Z Blogging Challenge and the daunting task of my homework for my writing class.

I am now in Writing 3, and comedy writing just got serious.

We had a somewhat tough homework assignment — OK, a really tough homework assignment — and it’s taken a lot of my attention, even if it was just procrastinating not doing it. What’s that, hypothetical reader? Just the mention of procrastination sends you into a semi-judgmental swoon? Well, it’s easy to get down to business when your business is entirely hypothetical.

But worry not, readers hypothetical and otherwise, I only have one more to do. One more what? Oh, I went in the wrong order, didn’t I?

We have to do “Blackout scenes” which are very short at three lines. We had to do ten of them. With ten punchlines. Which means a total of 100 jokes.

See what I mean about daunting?

Well, here it is class day, and I only have one more to do. They’re faster than they sound; my new teacher suggested setting a timer for each, and if you’ve been here for any length of time, you probably know I love setting a timer when it comes to writing.

And, as an aside, my new teacher is great. Her instruction was very clear, and was extremely useful when it came down to doing the homework. Though I’m not convinced I’ve done it entirely correctly, it’s in the direction of done.

Speaking of, I’d better get to it. One more scene of attempted hilarity awaits.

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One thought on “Homework Bound

  1. Jon

    You are hereby accused of attempted hilarity. You do not have to make any jokes, but any jokes you do make may be noted down and laughed at later.


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