Seizingish the Day


So the drillers are back. And back with a vengeance: they’re literally right outside my window. I can hear them talking, rapid Spanish flowing between bouts of drilling. It’s an earplug-and-airplane-runway-director-person kind of a day.

I could go out somewhere, do something relaxing and/or fun, just to get away from the noise, but today I have things I have to do, and writing I want to write. And not homework writing, either. Yes, it was that homework that kept me from my blog yesterday, and now I have a whole almost week until more is due. Yay.

That homework is hard, and I don’t appear to be that good at it. Not as yay.

But that’s enough griping about an entirely voluntary situation. Some of my classmates opted not to do the assignment at all, which I guess is one way to deal with a challenge that feels, when you try it on, much like a sandpaper cardigan lined with flat jokes, but I just took out the old bicycle pump and tried to patch the holes.

Oh, hello, hypothetical reader. What’s that? You lost the thread of that metaphor about halfway in? Why, hypothetical reader, I’m surprised at you.  It’s as clear as a dewdrop’s reflection on a rolling fog.

Anyway, right now I’m hearing nothing, but I can’t tell if it’s my layered sound proofing or that they’ve stopped. Either way, it’s quiet right now, and I’ll take it.

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7 thoughts on “Seizingish the Day

    • It’s a comedy sketch writing class, and we had to do a “clothesline” scene, where you put in as many jokes about something as you can. I’m not very joke-based in my humor, so it was pretty tough.

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      • Aw, thanks! I actually needed to hear that today. I’m hoping really to just to sharpen what I do, not to change my voice.

        I’m really a “laugh with” kind of person and apparently it was a “laugh at” kind of assignment. Still, it’s always good for the brain to use a new muscle. 🙂

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