The New Keeps Newing


So the new computer has been ordered. Since last writing about my technological issues, I have had more Blue Screens of Death than I can count, and as I write this post, my fingers are crossed that I will make it all the way through before I get another one.

Typing with crossed fingers is trickier than it sounds.

It’s going to take a few weeks to arrive, because in some twist of modern technology ironic cruelty, apparently it has to be “built,” and cannot be “shipped” to me until it “exists.” In these days of instant click and next-day arrival, it’s tough to wait. They might as well be sending it via Pony Express.

Please don’t send it via Pony Express. That’s a lot of wear-and-tear before it even gets here.

So until then, I will try to meander through with this less-than-trusty steed of a laptop, hoping that it doesn’t get crotchety and buck me just as I’ve written the best sentence I’m ever going to write. Of course, then no one could dispute it when I claimed that the sentence lost was the best possible sentence in all the sentences to ever sentence, so at least there would be a glimmer of an upside.

Change keeps on happening no matter how we might feel about it. I’m a creature of habit in so many ways, but I’m trying to embrace the new. In this case, I really have no choice, because the old is rejecting me, and rather emphatically at that.

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8 thoughts on “The New Keeps Newing

    • I KNOW!! I had no idea. Since it’s coming from Costco, I assumed they just pulled one off the shelf, but noooooooo, apparently they have a deal with the manufacturer. Sigh. Darn Costco and their irresistible deals of incredible value!


  1. Thanks for the information on Costco. I won’t buy from there unless it’s on the shelf. Got my last 2 from Best Buy. So far, this one is holding it’s own. When it comes to paying for a computer, I was ready to give them my daughter so I could go home with one that worked but thought better of it. She was my only tech support at the time. Uncross your fingers. Use your toes instead.

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    • That is an excellent suggestion. Toes crossed!

      I looked at Best Buy, but they had less for the same price, an older processor with less memory, so I figured I might as well try to maximize my computing budget. Hopefully it will last and be worth it in the long wrong. Once again, toes crossed 😉

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