Surprise! Appointment


I was sitting on my couch yesterday when the phone rang. I saw the name of my hair salon on the caller ID, so I answered.

“Hello?” I said.

“Hi,” said the bright voice on the other end, “this is Vivian from the Hair Salon* (*names have been changed to protect the identities, and also I am too lazy to look up how to spell the name of the hair salon). I’m calling to confirm your appointment for tomorrow.”

Tomorrow. Meaning today. So that’s where that hair appointment got to. I knew I had made one, I just didn’t remember exactly when the appointment was for. Good thing they do reminder calls.

“That’s great,” I told Vivian, “and I’ll be there, because I need it.”

So do I thank my past self for looking out for me, my curls a little worse for the wear, or curse my past self for not putting the date in my phone like I said I was going to do?

It gets so easy now to just rely on external factors to remind us when things are coming up, when things need to be done. I know I never have to note a single dentist appointment, because they will text me, email me and call me. In fact, if I ever disappear, I suspect my dentist’s office will be the one to track me down.

I’m not sure exactly what my past self was thinking when it chose the time, although it’s working out a little more conveniently than I thought it would. Will I become a past-self today, securing an appointment that will never make it into my phone, proving that I’ve learned absolutely nothing from this whole exercise?


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2 thoughts on “Surprise! Appointment

  1. Do those places know us well or what? I would forget everything so it’s all in my smarter than me phone to keep buzzing at me till I realize there is somewhere I’m supposed to be. Thanks for the grin.


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