A New Day, A New Determination, Maybe


OK, so after yesterday’s braincation, I am determined, utterly determined, to keep myself focused today. I’m even considering a list.

A list, people.

We all know there’s nothing better than crossing things off of a list. I’m still adjusting to the new computer, with its new keyboard. I’ve ditched its touchpad though, because it kept erasing entire paragraphs without my input. Paragraphs I wanted, no matter what it felt about it.

I’ve gotten a wireless mouse, and I’ve been using the touchscreen a surprising amount. Well, surprising to me. Not, maybe, so much to the people who invented touchscreen computers.

So as I stand here today — OK, I’m not standing, I’m sitting, though I do think one of those standing desks might be a good thing. I’m afraid of those walking desks, though, they seem to have “should have known” all over them — so as I sit here today, typing, I pledge to rev up my productivity. I will, without question, be more productive today than yesterday.

Oh hello there, hypothetical reader! It’s been so long since you’ve been by, how are you? Oh really? I’m glad to hear that. What was that point you wanted to make, hypothetical reader?

Yes, you’re right, it isn’t going to be hard to top yesterday’s record. Very astute of you to notice.

So it might not be a high bar, but at least it’s a bar and a goal. Do you hear that, brain? Today you are sticking with me, no wandering off to exotic, gossamer places, unless those exotic, gossamer places are in what I’m writing. Do you hear me brain?


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3 thoughts on “A New Day, A New Determination, Maybe

  1. Better is always a good start. Did you know about hitting the control button along with the letter Z will bring back what just got deleted accidentally. My son taught me that move and it has saved many a computer from being tossed out a window. it happened most often when using the touch pad. 😦

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