Got Book Suggestions? I Want ‘Em


I have a confession to make, one of which I am not entirely proud. Everyone ready? Promise not to think less of me?

I haven’t read a book in a while. A long, long while. Though I find reading is so much easier between my Kindle and the Kindle app for my phone, squeezing in a few minutes here and a few minutes there, lately I just haven’t. Aside from some fluffy celebrity memoirs (oh, Miranda Hart, you are one of the funniest humans ever to human), I just haven’t lost myself in a book for some time.

Well, that’s going to change.

In the not-too-distant future, I’m going to be taking a trip, and I am going to actually have time to read. Time. To sit and just read. Anything.

Sounds pretty amazing, right? I mean, who wouldn’t want the opportunity to slip away to another world, one that feels so solid, even though it’s fictional that it seems like, on some level, it must exist somewhere. To meet people who take you into their lives, who take you along with them on their adventures and have the generosity to bear the the full brunt of the consequences.

So much fun.

The only thing is that I have no idea what to get. I like fun reads, I’m not looking for very heavy, and I’m definitely not looking for the Toni Morrison brand of beautiful writing that reaches into your chest and pricks at your heart, one cut at a time until you are scarred for life (yes, I’m talking about the masterpiece that is Beloved).

So keeping that in mind, any suggestions? I’d like to have books I can get electronically. Must-reads, funny reads, weird reads, let me know what belongs on my list. Thanks, there’s a whole universe of new books out there.

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7 thoughts on “Got Book Suggestions? I Want ‘Em

  1. I just traipsed through my more recent favorites on Goodreads and, because I have no real idea what you normally read, tried to sum up what caught my eye to recommend:

    I Capture the Castle (The ease of a good YA book + the novelty of well-done journal format + the satisfaction of reading a classic)

    Mistborn (Fantasy triology + con artistry + one of my favorite female protagonists + thumbs up worldbuilding)

    Daughter of Smoke and Bone (Fantasy/supernatural trilogy + our-world-but-cooler worldbuilding + Prague + eye-roll worthy love story but it’s kind of epic so ok + my favorite female supporting character)

    The Golem and the Jinni (Oh be still my heart I love this book + mythology + history + mythology + magic + fab characterization of “non-human” leads)

    And because I can’t stop myself, I’ll say if you haven’t already, try Jojo Moyes (Me Before You or The Girl You Left Behind) or Liane Moriarty (Big Little Lies or What Alice Forgot) for really good contemporary “women’s” fiction.

    Or Sarah Addison Allen for southern magical realism.

    Or Sara Gruen’s recent At the Water’s Edge for historical fiction + romance + Loch Ness monster hunting.

    Or Neil Gaiman. For good things.

    … I should stop now. Happy vacationing!

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    • Thank you so much for such an awesome list! And such fantastic variety, too. I’m pretty much open to any genre, as long as it’s a vivid and engaging story. And that’s two Neil Gaiman, so he’s definitely going on the Kindle 🙂


  2. I read a lot too and am always looking for something funny, light and gripping in a way that I can’t put the book down. Janet Evanovich did that for awhile. There is only one book on my must read list but it’s not hilarious. It’s called Breakfast with Buddha by Roland Merullo It’s one of those books that becomes part of you. At least for me. It’s one of the few books I recommend. I’m kind of picky. Good luck with your trip and let me know if you find a good funny book. I’ll keep going through my lists.

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  3. Just finished a really good book called “Nation” by Terry Pratchett. Great characters and somewhat humorous. Easy read. And then like the lady above said there’s always Janet Evanovich!


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