Remember Writing?


Uh, hello. Um, hi. Yes, hi.

I’ve apparently joined the ranks of the bloggers who just don’t blog for a while. Why? I wish I could tell you. For the last few weeks, even the small chunk of time it takes to get words from my brain to my blog seemed too scarce to carve out. I’d sit down to do it, something else would beckon, and then suddenly it wouldn’t be done.

But now I’m back. I hope. I think.

I’ve actually been on a bit of a writing hiatus lately. The only writing I’ve been doing is writing for class, and even that has been slow and lumbering.

I’ve got novels to finish, and, yes, blogging to blog, and yet lately, I just haven’t been making the writing happen. That’s one of the things about writing: you can’t leave it to it’s own devices, like a cake turning from goop to delicious in a just-right oven. Though I call patent on that invention.

The one that lets you write that way. Not the oven. I think I might be a hair too late for that.

No, writing takes time and attention, all the way from conception to completion. There’s no “set-it-and-forget-it.”

We learned a technique for writing in class, one which I’ll share on a future date, after I’ve given it a full test run. Maybe that’s the answer. It involves timers. You know how I love a timer.

But whatever it was or whatever it is, why ever the hiatus, I’m back now. Let the writing resume.

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7 thoughts on “Remember Writing?

  1. I’ve written about this subject in several ways. I’m heading into the 2 week mark again. There is a whole list of things I could write about but nothing happens. I can’t even seem to type a clear sentence without backspacing several times to make it right. Brain gone. Could it be in the alignment of the stars?? Or that the planet is tilting and the weather all wonky? Everyone I’m reading is struggling with the same thing. Huge gaps. I’m trying to finish the outside work on my house and have been so stressed about getting it all done while it’s dry that I can’t think. Anything ringing a bell here? Can I write a post and say see you when the snow flies? 🙂 I even quit going to quilt and sewing groups because there is just so much energy. Thanks for helping me not feel so alone with this.

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    • Wow, maybe there is something in the air, because I’ve been reading a lot about it, too. I wonder what’s going on with the planets, maybe there’s something quashing creative energy. I haven’t started my homework for this week’s class, and I just have nothing as far as any ideas.

      I’m sorry to hear you’re not quilting, though. Sometimes using different creativity helps.

      I guess we will muddle through the lull together? It’s a frustrating feeling though.

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