Getting Back to Things


Back to blogging, the sequel. This morning I took a quick walk out to the lake, it’s such a blue, gorgeous day, I couldn’t resist.

Though I should backtrack a little.

Last week, I was hurrying to cross the street before the light changed — don’t ever hurry to cross the street before the light changes — and I took a spill. A big, embarrassing spill. I scraped my knees and bruised them as well. It’s quite an attractive look.

Well, my right knee is still pretty banged up, and the scrape reminds me it’s there every time I flex. It’s not the most convenient place for a scrape, I guess we can all agree.

Anyway, I’ve been wanting to take a quick walk for a few days now, since I’m used to getting physical activity, and it’s frustrating to have to sit around. So I went.

There were some stairs that were probably a little less comfortable than they could have been, and on the way back, I ended up taking the ramp down to give the knee a bit of a break, but the whole excursion was worth it, just to see the morning sun reflecting off of the water.

I should have brought my sunglasses. It was pretty bright.

Overall, though, my knee held up. It stings a bit now, sure, but it hurts less today than it did yesterday, and I’ll bet it will hurt even less tomorrow. Healing is a cool thing.

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