Maddening Migraine


I am prone to migraines, and after a good stretch without a serious one, I’ve got a doozy today. Sensitivity to light, dizziness, tingling in my fingers and toes, and that’s aside from the headache itself. Good times.

But I really wanted to get a blog post up. I got back to my blog last week, and then my writing class and homework took my attention, and a strong start kind of fizzled. So headache or no headache, I’m posting today.

It may not be my most compelling work, so please bear with me.

The thing is with my migraines, it’s as though someone turns on a damper in my head, and all of my free-flowing thoughts, all of my access to interesting language and interesting structure, all of the little bits that come together and make something out of words are slowed. It’s like thinking through tar.

Some things help. Sleep, primarily. Tylenol, and, believe it or not, sugar. If you also get migraines, I cannot recommend anything more than I can getting some kind of very sugary candy (or honey, or even, in a pinch, actual sugar). Which explains why, as I am typing this, I am eating chewy Jolly Ranchers. They’re my current headache go-to, but I change it up.

Overall, though, I hate the way a headache can roll in, take over my head, and make writing seem so impossible, so unlikely. I hate the way it takes my productivity hostage, putting even the most mundane tasks at the end of a very long, very treacherous hallway.

Looks like I got there, at least with this blog post. Take that, migraine.

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6 thoughts on “Maddening Migraine

  1. You have my deepest sympathies. I had them from 13 to early 40’s. They gave me everything the doctors had and still no relief. I would be blind, deaf and all but dead for several days. Then a new French doctor came to the practice and said “lets try something new and unorthodox” So she sent me to a blind man who did bio-feedback. I went for 3 sessions. End result, never had another migraine. ???? I don’t know how to explain it but he taught me to control the muscles and nerve endings in my head and neck. I almost never need an aspirin anymore. Who woulda thunk it??? Something to think about.


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