The Return Return Return


Why hello again. Yes, you, hypothetical reader. I am, indeed, talking to you. Hi there. Hello. Yes, I really am here, typing away at my blog. It is not a mirage. It is not a drill.

I admit that I may have been a bit seduced by the somnolence of summer.  And then there was my big trip, which I’ll talk about later in the week. And my recovery from my big trip, which I’ll probably talk about ad nauseum.

But it’s that time again, that back-to-school time, and no matter how old you get, when the notebooks and pencils and rows of slick boxes of crayons with their excited perfect posture line the shelves, it’s time to get serious. In the immortal words of that mystic Florence and her trusty Machine, the dog days are over.

Metaphorically,  of course, because it’s going to be over 90 again here in Chicago, and that’s pretty laze-inducing, which is where I think the phrase originates, but I can’t be sure because I’m reduced to writing this on my phone while my computer updates and my tablet…well I don’t know what’s going on with my tablet, but it has some kind of amnesia because it thinks it’s two-and-a-half weeks ago.

What’s that, hypothetical reader?  I’m digressing? Just like old times, my friend, just like old times.

I have returned a bit renewed, and more than a little inspired. I think there should be some kind of travel program for writers, a sponsored way to see the world so that we can create new ones with fresh ideas. There is so much beyond our small bubbles. So many people leading similar lives or lives that seem completely foreign. So many bridges to build.

Like my computer, I think I have finished updating. Let the countdown to new work and new seasons begin.

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10 thoughts on “The Return Return Return

  1. I’m with you that writers should be funded to travel. Travel is the only way money can really buy happiness. I am so ready for school to start and colder weather to arrive. We don’t usually get this kind of heat in Portland, Oregon but is has only given us one weeks worth of normal this summer.. The rest has been blistering. At least our nights are not too bad but bring on the cold. I think my brain functions at temps between 55-75. Anything over or under and the brain locks up. I’m doomed. 😦

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    • I so agree! I am not a hot-weather person. I also am not a huge fan of the winter, which might leave you wondering what, exactly, I’m doing living in Chicago. But it’s such a great city.

      I think you are right, because once you have your basics covered, what more do you need? But having the ability to travel and really experience other places and other people…that’s, I think, essential to being human.

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      • Chicago does get pretty nippy. Your winter and mine are two different entities. We get a little winter, you get WINTER! I had to leave snow country in 2010. The cold and the snow with the added stress of a canopy collapse and a marriage collapse brought on the Bells. I’m the little old lady now that always wears a hat and scarf to keep my head and face covered in the cold. I’d make a good cartoon character but I can still handle cold better than heat. Balance is the operative word here. Please let there be balance in the weather. :)) I miss being able to travel though. I have done a fair share of it though. Have a great week and keep cool.

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      • That sounds awful! And I think a hat and scarf are a good idea, period, let alone if you have something that gets triggered by the cold. I knew someone with Bells, it was due to Lyme disease, and it was really problematic.

        We took a turn for the cooler today, which is good, but we are expecting more storms, I only hope they don’t hit during rush hour. Somehow they always seem to know.

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      • I think I’m going to do some research on how Bells and Lyme are linked. They asked me if I had a tick bite at the doctors. We had 6 feet of snow on the ground and I couldn’t imagine how a tick could show up in that weather.! But someone else mentioned the connection and similarity. It’s also similar to Ramsey Hunt syndrome. Bells, RH and Shingles are all from the same virus. Lyme, I thought was a different animal altogether. We are having more heat but I see cool on the horizon. At least we don’t have storms. Though not a drop of rain all summer. 😦

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