A Dark Tale of Blogging


Here we are, writers and readers, in this vast virtual space. We put our work out there, and most of the time, we expect to stay out there, exactly where we left it.

Well, that’s not always the case.

Before I go on about my trip — and I promise there will be much going on about my trip — I wanted to mention a friend of mine, who I actually met in person while traveling, so it’s all in the same sort of pocket of things. He goes by the handle of SloopJonB, and you’ve probably seen him comment on this blog, because he does it regularly.

So hang on to your keyboards, bloggers who are reading these words, because this tale is about to take a chilling turn. Or chilling for a blogger, at any rate.

Suddenly, without warning, SloopJonB’s blog was gone. Just gone. As in not a trace of it anywhere. Vanished into the ether.

And all his posts disappeared with it. Along with his followers. So you probably see where I’m going with this.

I’m hoping that you, you lovely visitors and followers alike, could perhaps go visit his new blog, Writing Wibble, and show it a little love. I mean, can you imagine building up your blog just to lose the whole thing?

I think I just got goosebumps.

And besides, he is an excellent writer with very good taste. I mean, he loved my books, clearly he has his head on straight. This is also probably where I should remind everyone to back up their work and take it offline, but that’s a bit hypocritical on my end as I haven’t done that yet. Hmm. Perhaps I should.

Anyway, that is the plug for the day. And the warning, I guess. Happy and safe blogging to all.

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9 thoughts on “A Dark Tale of Blogging

  1. Wow. I’m scared now. No, hang on, that was me! What happened was that I took a while to notice what had happened, and it was a week or so before I realised. By which time it was too late. Be warned! And follow my new blog 🙂

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  2. Well, I am not sure I know how to do all that but I will discuss it with Tech Support and see what he suggests. Not like I have a lot of traffic anyway. I would see it as a sign that change is necessary but I kind of look at things that way. 🙂 All my writing is backed up to a place we pay to keep things for us. That’s TS’s idea. I’ve never heard of a whole site disappearing!! I am so sorry for your friend.

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