Tripping over My Trip


OK, I’ve teased it enough this week…I’m going to talk about my trip! It was amazing, and if I had a travel bug before, it’s morphed into a full-fledged raging infection.

Hmm. That didn’t sound as poetic as I had hoped. Strike that, moving on.

I went to London and Edinburgh, two places I have been dying to see since, well, forever. Edinburgh more recently, admittedly, but I kept seeing shows that took place there, and I couldn’t get over the beauty of a city with a castle visible from everywhere.

First it was London. I live in a big city, so the vastness of London wasn’t surprising to me. Neither were the crowds in general, though the density of the crowds near the hot tourists items — Westminster specifically — kept me from seeing the Thames even when I was no more than 100 feet away. They were humanity on humanity crowds, people shoving, people bumping, people using up all the air in an outdoor space. I decided that if I ever really want to see all of the London icons, I’ll go in the middle of winter.

But I did get close enough to take this photo.

IMG_2513And then we darted for the nearest Tube station to get us out of the madness. That same day, as we headed to the National Portrait Gallery, we happened across a ceremony for new police cadets in Trafalgar Square.


And after we escaped the intense crowds near Westminster, we headed off to the infamous Portobello Road, which used to be the place of wall-to-wall antique shops, but now has more of a flea-market vibe. It was a relaxing walk down, and the best part was that it wasn’t crowded at all, at least not in comparison. And the street itself is beautiful. Of course, all the streets are beautiful, it’s London, where something could easily be 400 years old without even trying.


There were all kinds of interesting things to be seen, including some extremely antique steampunk clocks with industrial parts. I wish I could have snapped a picture of those, but they were inside a shop, and it seemed a little, well rude. One was similar to this clock:

and given that that one is listed at 28,000 pounds, it’s no wonder the shop owner wouldn’t tell us what it cost.

So that’s a little taste of the London portion, all on that first Monday we were there. Monday ended with a lovely dinner with blogger SloopJonB, who does, in fact, exist in person (and visit his blog). I’m completely out of order, but I guess I’m still a bit discombobulated.

So tomorrow we’ll talk about one of the most amazing parts of the trip, a guided tour we took to Bath, Lacock and Stonehenge. It was phenomenal.

Overall, though, I have to say that just being away from the norm has me overflowing with new thoughts and new ideas. Seeds have been planted.

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3 thoughts on “Tripping over My Trip

    • It was fantastic, I just didn’t see the icons. But there were plenty of places to go that weren’t packed that way. It’s like any big city during tourist season, I guess. And thanks, the next part was so much fun!

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