More Trip, More Pictures, More Did I Really See That?


On again about my trip! The day after we arrived, we took an amazing, and I mean amazing, tour. There are all kinds of day trips you can take from London to see the sites within driving distance, the internet is absolutely packed with them. But I think we found the absolute best of them with the tour of Bath, Lacock and Stonehenge. Heavy on the Stonehenge, but we’ll get there in a minute.

The tour was through Premium Tours, and I would absolutely recommend them to anyone considering any such undertaking. Our guide and driver were friendly, knowledgeable and very well organized, so much so I just gave them a plug.

So we started off in the ancient Roman town of Bath. Well, most of Bath itself is not nearly so ancient, but there are parts, like the Roman baths themselves:

IMG_1858 IMG_1877 IMG_1884 I mean, that’s some engineering, that they’re still standing. The water is untreated, so there’s some kind of interesting algae, and they have these women who sit at the edge, demonstrating what it might have looked like back when it was used.


I was so amused at the way the model brought her foot close to the water, as though she might dip it in as the mood struck, but yet kept the proper distance one should keep for something that might become a carnivorous blob at any moment.

After Bath, it was Lacock, a medieval village, where we ate at The George, a 14th century pub. Luckily the food wasn’t that old. Ba-dum-bum.

IMG_1939 IMG_1989 IMG_2009

But the stroll around the village was lovely, given the strange contrast between the old buildings and the cars tightly packed onto the streets. And check out the weather. We got incredible weather for the UK, bright sunshine and clear skies that even surprised our guides.

And then, finally, the highlight of the tour: Stonehenge at sunset. And the special bonus of this particular tour was that we were allowed inside the stone circle; most visitors have to stay on the path that goes around the stones. So not only did we get a gorgeous dose of English countryside, we got to get close to one of the most iconic mysteries of humanity.

IMG_2106 IMG_2165 IMG_2187

And why yes, I did take a ludicrous number of pictures. How did I pick these three? I just clicked a few, because otherwise, we’d all be here for days.

In the context of a memorable, fantastic trip, this tour was a major standout. There is something remarkable about being so close to the work of people who came so long before us, who had to use stone to shape stone, and left us something so incredible to ponder and admire.

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