No Rest for the Lazy


Blogging today, I’m drawing a blank. A big, empty yawning blank. It probably doesn’t help that this day started out with bright, lovely sunshine, which slowly was taken over by clouds. Now it’s a kind of nondescript gray, not as though it’s going to rain, just as though the sky is grumpy.

I could really use some caffeine, if I was still into caffeine.

Yesterday, as it was, too much tea made me a jittery mess, and I’d rather not repeat that error. My brain and I seem to be at odds right now, as I want to get on with it, and my brain wants to lollygag. Not even lollygag, but something requiring even less effort.

Lazy brain.

The drilling was back, at least for a while this morning, and I’d forgotten what it was like, that vibrating noise you can’t quite ignore. I needed a quick run to the store, and it’s quiet now, though it might only be the lull between floors. Or maybe those clouds do mean rain, and they’ve taken themselves off of their convenient lightning conductors. Though I’ve seen them stay stalwartly clinging to the side of the building in worse.

If I could do absolutely anything I wanted with the day, I would marathon a great show, one episode into the other, the day bleeding away chunk by chunk, until the light shifted outside the window and suddenly it wasn’t day anymore.

That sounds like streaming heaven, doesn’t it? I’ve got food, I’ve got snacks. I’ve got work to do, I’ve got cleaning. Life is tough when you’re lazy.

Oh well, not every day can be a tribute to indulgence. I need to be stricter with myself. OK, self, get on with it.

See? I’m getting going already. And look at that. It’s a blog post. Watch out to-dos, I think I’m gathering steam.

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8 thoughts on “No Rest for the Lazy

  1. I think we all have a clock inside that has lazy time built in. I want to be productive everyday but some days the clock says not today. It’s lazy time. Is it the moon or the alignment of the stars?? I’ll take any excuse to sit and do nothing but read or watch a mystery. I call it building reserve. I could not blog everyday. My mind just won’t go there. You’ve done a fine job here of doing nothing. :))

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      • My daughter bought me a sign that say’s “Don’t just do something, sit there”. Another words, sometimes you need a little down time to refuel. It’s natures way. When you resist, your health can end up compromised. Lazy isn’t always Lazy. It’s regrouping, restoring, rethinking. Then comes the surge of passion for life once again. I’m learning to enjoy the lazy a bit more. We were never allowed and I’m learning how valuable it can be. It’s like letting a stew marinate. 🙂 Now where is my breakfast? Enjoy. 🙂

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