Writing Is More Fun with Toys


So I got a new writing toy. Is it crazy-exciting? No, it is not, but I think it’s going to be very, very useful. I got an adjustable table that slides under furniture, so I can now write pretty much anywhere I want.

And it’s a “TV Item,” so you know it’s fancy. It’s this table, though I only saw it in black, it would have been nice in white, but it’s not as though I got it for its aesthetics. Nope, I got it for hours of typing comfort. And because it was gadgety. Maybe mostly because it was gadgety.

Also I love how, lower on the page where they show the other products you can buy — very helpful things like a mold to make bowls made out of bacon — the have a cat toy they inform you contains a set of 1. I mean, if it only has one in there, do you really need to call it a set? Doesn’t a set require more than one?

These deep thoughts are the things I can now ponder from extreme typing comfort from my not-pretty but entirely useful adjustable table. Of course, now I’m curious as to the other indispensable items I could find on the site, like a knife that has a guide for even slices, or a deluxe evening gown fleece robe “Snuggie Up.”

Is it just me, or does it look like Aunty Ida got a job on the side?

Anyway, enough amusement shopping. On to writing. After I just browse a couple more pages.

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3 thoughts on “Writing Is More Fun with Toys

  1. Nifty. The one thing I always find about laptops is, they are no bloody good at all balanced on you lap. This laptop I am typing on, for example, is perched atop a TV dinner tray on little legs, because having it on my lap in bed drove me nuts. They ought to change the name of the things.


  2. I’m with Jon on the laptop thing. Mine is perched there quite wobbly but we’ve been the gamut of laptop trays to work on. My son has bought several roll about trays and lap trays trying to find something that works well. The last was good until we changed chairs and it no longer fit. He’s my gadget guy. Just hand me a slab of wood. But the new gadget gave you fodder for a blog so it wasn’t a waste. And a set of one???? Come on people. How dumb are some of us? Never mind. I know the answer to that. Have fun with your new toy. :))


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