Extending an Olive Branch to Monday


Why hello, Monday! How are you this week? Well, I hope.

(Shh, hypothetical reader. Don’t talk so loudly, Monday will hear you. What’s that you say? I didn’t mean mouth the words. I’m not a very good lip reader. Why am I being so nice to Monday? Hypothetical reader, it’s good that you asked that question, now that I can hear it. I suspect if we are nice to Monday, it will be nice to us).

Here’s the thing about Mondays. We’re going to bump into them regularly. From my observations, it happens, oh, say, roughly once a week. So instead of groaning and trying to hide behind our no-foam hemp milk sugar-chinos, why don’t we treat Monday as an old and inspiring friend?

Monday can be a new start. Monday can be about beginning something, picking something up that has fallen by the wayside. Monday can be about letting go of ideas that aren’t working, and playing with new ones.

It’s almost like having a New Year’s Day every single week. Fresh page on the weekly calendar, fresh approach, fresh attitude.

What’s that you say, hypothetical reader? Monday can be a bit of a grump? First of all, I told you not to talk so loudly, people are staring. And also, who can’t be a bit of grump? Am I right Monday? Please don’t turn on me Monday. We were doing so well.

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