Creativity Another Way


So I hope everyone here in the States had a great, relaxing, wonderful holiday weekend, and that everyone everywhere else had a great weekend while wondering why we have foisted Black Friday on the rest of the world. Did I shop this weekend? I refuse to answer on the grounds that it might paint me as a consumerist. But oh the bargains! Ish.

Well, I’m still bone-dry in the old writing front, but when it comes to prop-making, I’ve been a total fiend. And aside from a couple of items, I am pretty much done. I have a final gloss coat to put on my paper mache project, which came out even better than I expected, and some spray-painting to do, but otherwise, things are in order.

Which is interesting, because covering the props took creativity, just not the kind of creativity that uses words. I’m hoping that it will recharge my writing bank, thinking in this different direction. I mean using a glue gun itself has to be restorative, right?

Sometimes it feels as though the writing part of the brain has its own little tower, tall, cold and impenetrable, except when it gets the urge to lower the drawbridge. And lately those drawbridge gears need oiling. Boy are they sticky.

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