An Excuse to Cozy


So yesterday I shared my adventures in trying to cancel my dental insurance. And did I manage to do it? Drum roll please…


Yep. That’s the best I can do. Maybe. It was a convoluted process, and I was told a rep might contact me to discuss my “situation” — I have no idea what that means, despite the very nice agent explaining it to me — but it should be cancelled. I think. So yay?!?

Meanwhile, today is very gray, and we’ve been promised a huge winter storm of ice and snow and rain and blizzards and pestilence and demons and black holes and end-of-the-world proximity. As of yet I haven’t seen a single drop of anything, from liquid water to frozen or anywhere in between, but the wind is howling and the waves explosive and huge.

Oh wait.

I take that back. There is a veil of silvery-white descending. Batten those hatches.

And I have to tell you, right now I have ideas a-brewing, as the light gets cozier inside and it gets ickier outside. Many ideas that need to be cataloged and saved before they dissolve away.

This is the part that makes writing fun, exciting, enticing. The siren call of fresh ideas, untested, new places where you can vanish while building the world around you.

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