So About that Humana Dental Plan…


So you might recall my adventure in cancelling dental insurance. After a whole lot of back-and-forth, it seemed that the policy was finally cancelled. I didn’t have the payment debited on the 1st, and I just got the cancellation notice in the mail.


But before I got the cancellation notice, I got something else. A bill for the paltry $37 the policy was supposed to cover. So I paid premiums for two months and got what for the money?

Absolutely nothing. Zero dollars. Nothing was covered. What, exactly, did I pay for with the premiums?

I read the documentation when I applied for the policy. I scrutinized it. There was nothing that led me to believe that it would cover nothing. I thought maybe the coverage wouldn’t be great, but if you pay for something and get absolutely nothing in return, isn’t that a…scam?

Luckily there will be no more money heading down that money pit. On the other hand, it seems awfully misleading to take money and then provide absolutely nothing in exchange for that money. It’s not even as though the bill itself was reduced; I literally got nothing for those premiums.

So I’d pretty much suggest not getting a Humana Dental plan. You know, unless you like giving your money away and getting nothing in return.

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4 thoughts on “So About that Humana Dental Plan…

      • Insurance is a business for profit. They don’t do favors or kindnesses. They will MAKE MONEY! I’ve paid car insurance for over 50 years and it’s quite costly. My last husband made a claim when the snow brought down the canopy that covered his jeep. I’ve never made a claim. They get a lot of my money. Homeowners is the same. You pay and hope you never need it. I’m banking on never needing much from the health insurance either. I just give people jobs. 😦

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