May My To-Do List Bring Me Back to Earth


I’m slow to post today. I’ve had one of those mornings where realizing I need to get something done leads me to realizing that I need to get something else done, which then leads to internet research, which likely eventually will lead to internet shopping, because who doesn’t like internet shopping and what was I supposed to be doing in the first place?

Oh yes, right, writing.

I have found that the best way to ground myself on those days — these days — where I’m in the to-do flutter is the good old-fashioned list. There’s something about writing it down, and then something even better about crossing it off.

Who doesn’t love crossing off a completed task? It’s like a penular pat on the back. And we all know those are awesome.

Of course part of my problem is that I am currently in the midst of doing that laundry of life, the stuff that always needs doing no matter how often you do it. Including laundry. Though that just needs to be put away, which, as we all know, takes all of about 15 minutes, but seems like the kind of task you need to strap on the heavy pack for.

Oh how I wish I was one of those people for whom cleaning was a hobby. Or a joy. I should talk to Aunty Ida about a slight tweak. Or maybe I shouldn’t, you may or may not know how those turn out (but generally not so well).

There we go. Now all I have to do is go write “blog post” on my list, so that I can cross it off. Look at me, a bundle of efficiency.


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9 thoughts on “May My To-Do List Bring Me Back to Earth

  1. I love making lists. They are quite helpful until the doing of those lists. I’m not sure why I would rather do the dishes and the laundry than figure out how to make bowl cozies? My sewing room is the last place I “want” to go and has the longest list, always. I’m only sitting here because the grown man who is my kid is still asleep and I can’t clatter dishes or run the vacuum. I can’t sew either because it’s across from his room. 😦 Lists are wonderful…

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    • So a cozy to keep your bowl warm? Is that a knitting, sewing or crochet project? Sounds complicated.

      I always find that if I’m procrastinating, there’s another task I want to do less than the one I’m procrastinating. I give myself the choice of A or B. At least something gets done!

      Also, shouldn’t your hobbies be fun? Not a chore?

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      • Hobbies are fun if you know what you are doing. I always take on challenges to keep it fresh and challenge my mind. The bowl cozies will probably be easy once I start. They are sewing and you put your bowl in them to microwave the bowl and not burn your fingers when you take the bowl out of the microwave. I’ll eventually post photos on my blog. Going to try for Sunday after the kid and his ex leave for Hawaii. 🙂 7 days alone to work early and late. :)))


      • That’s an interesting arrangement, going to Hawaii with your ex! That sounds like a very useful item, actually, given that I constantly burn my fingers getting stuff out of the microwave. You would think I would learn. Slowly, maybe.

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      • 🙂 No one else will go with her and he said he paid for all their other vacations so he’s happy for her to pay for this one. And he can go take lots of photographs. She was so mean for so long so it’s her apology. 🙂 He’d never marry her again. He may be slow but not stupid. :))

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