Monday Motivational Musings


Sooo…hello there. I think we can agree it’s Monday all around. Yes? Everyone? OK, everyone except that guy over in the UK who has the day off today? Don’t worry. Your Monday will come. It may be called Tuesday, but you’ll still have one.

Everyone else? Yes? Good.

Sometimes, when it is a Monday, it’s tough to get started. No traction, no momentum. Maybe you killed it on Friday; I think I killed it on Friday. I killed it on Saturday, too. But then I had Sunday, and laziness ensued. So much laziness.

Laziness is really comfy, isn’t it? I mean, it’s like a fluffy cocoon of marshmallow and rainbow dust. But I realized something.

Even when I’m lazy, my brain isn’t always lazy.

I’ve had several manuscripts going, and by going, I mean started and not much happening with them. But yesterday, ideas for one started to grow, and I realized I just hadn’t met the stimulus yet to drive the story. I needed the spark, the thing I see and think, “what if?”

For me, that can be a very circuitous path, winding and unreliable. Two very different things will arrive in my brain at the same time, and suddenly the bridge between them emerges from the mist.

Much less poetically, sometimes story ideas aren’t ripe yet. Sometimes the plot doesn’t yet exist. It doesn’t mean it never will.

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4 thoughts on “Monday Motivational Musings

  1. Writing stories before they are ripe is probably very bad for you, and may lead to unpleasant consequences … no, wait, isn’t that eating fruit? Eh, same result. Oh, and thank-you so much for the kind words about Tuesday … /s

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  2. Now that I started writing, I always have ideas happening. I downloaded one note to all my devices, and started a page for each idea, so when I have an idea pertinent to one or another potential story, I don’t forget to write it down later. I’m sure many will never see the light of day, but sometimes one idea really gets me going.

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    • That’s a great idea, I think that’s a good thing to have and it can be integrated with some of the productivity software. I always write down ideas! But centralized with access across devices is really smart.


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