B is Brainy!



I love brains.

Hold up. I don’t think that came out right. That made me sound very zombie-like. I’m totally not a zombie. I can’t stress that enough. I mean, I haven’t had my coffee yet this morning, so there could be some confusion, but really I’m completely un-undead.

Yeah, I know, hypothetical reader. I’m starting to not believe myself too. Sip of coffee. See? See how human I am? See?

Back to brains. They are complex, intricate and mysterious, which is probably why there’s an Aunty Ida. If you think I have a thing for brains, Aunty Ida has…a thingier thing.

Remember that thing I said about coffee? Well my brain needs more. And I only get one cup, hypothetical reader. ONE LITTLE CUP!

What was I talking about again? Oh right, Aunty Ida, as she reminds me. She really hates it when I stop paying attention to her. Aunty Ida loves to get elbow deep in brains. That may or may not be a metaphor, but if you’re going to be hanging out around here, I sincerely suggest keeping your brains inside of your skull at all times.


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