Comedy and the Chicagoan


So old friends here at this blog know all about my forays into comedy sketch-writing. To catch up new friends, I did the writing program at Chicago’s famed Second City’s training center. After Writing 1-4, you have submit a sketch to get into the last two sections of the program, in which you then write and produce a sketch comedy show.

Watching that show was amazing.

We sold out for the entire run, and giddy with our Writing 6 success, we decided to “remount” the show. What’s that, hypothetical reader? You’re asking what’s up with those quotes there? No, no, it’s not because it’s a fake word, it’s because this show is nearly all new content.

New. Content.

Which is terrifying. Want to hear what’s terrifyinger? Our opening night is May 7. What’s that, hypothetical reader? That’s soon?

Well, yeah.

The truth is that writing comedy, like writing in any medium, is serious business. While I don’t spend the same amount of time on a 4-minute sketch as I would, say, an entire novel, there are many layers you simply don’t have in book. When we write our lines, we’re handing them over to other humans to interpret, to shape, to shade in, to color. Watching talented actors do that is like watching flowers bloom in front of you.

But hilariously.

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6 thoughts on “Comedy and the Chicagoan

  1. Comedy is definitely an art form. When done properly, it’s magic. I’m one of those people who’s never funny on purpose. When I make a “joke,” no one laughs. But when I don’t mean to be… well, then it’s all guffaws. Hats off to you and your deliberate comedy.
    @DoreeWeller from
    Doree Weller’s Blog

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  2. I do not have the right brain for comedy writing. Or even fiction. I always got fantastic grades in writing classes, but have found my niche in business writing. And that’s fine – you authors need readers!

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    • We need different brains! If everyone was a novelist, we’d have a whole lot of stories about life stuff, but not a whole lot of the life stuff! 🙂

      Still, writing sketch comedy is harder than writing novels, I think. At least for me.


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