D is Doing


I seem to exist in one of two states: Doing and Not Doing. Not Doing is the siren song for any established procrastinator, it’s the sea cows (sea bulls?!) we’ll happily mistake for handsome mermen bearing calorie-less delicious chocolate cake and free Netflix subscriptions. Or Merwomen for those among us who like the ladies, and a healthy mix for anyone who doesn’t want to have to choose.

We’re all welcome here.

Anyway, what was I saying? Oh right, procrastination. Well, as we used to say in the law (they still say it, probably) res ipsa loquitur. The thing speaks for itself.

But then there is the Doing. It’s the state of “yes,” the state of tackling, the state, if I’m being honest, that usually has a touch of caffeine. And by “touch,” I mean daily allotment.

For example, once again, I am the prop person for our show. We are recording digital shorts that will screen during the performances (I know. 21st century ahoy!) and on Sunday I was told what props we needed…for next Sunday. And so my imagination exploded.

So here I try to write (doing) in an explosion of scraps of sweetly-colored paper and ribbon, wanting to divide myself into quarters so I can Do. Twitter is buzzing, and the A to Z Challenge is A to Z-ering, and I want to read ALL THE BLOGS. And I finally solved my problem with one of the props and it will be glorious.

Sometimes the Not Doing feels like preparation for the doing, my brain is planning, finding pathways, checking out dark corners. Then when the flag comes down and it’s time for the Doing, I’m off.

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7 thoughts on “D is Doing

    • Thanks so much! I have to admit I had some fun blogging this morning 🙂 I can’t wait to see what you have in store for E! (And if you enjoy the way I twist a sentence, feel free to check out my books. They come pre-twisted)


    • Thanks! Sometimes I fantasize about being a slow-and-steady-er, but I really think our Stop/Not Doing times are when everything germinates. They’re important too.

      At least it sounds good, right?!

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