Energy for E


Explain this, the physics-y minded among us, if energy is conserved, why am I so tired today? It’s obviously leaking somewhere. The only logical explanation is that someplace, lurking around here menacingly, is an energy-sucking black hole.

Right? I mean there’s just no other way.

Energy is such an odd thing. Some days you might spring out of bed bounding with it. I say “you” here, because, though I enjoy the quiet light of mornings, I’m rarely the image of a fresh-sheeted laundry-detergent commercial in the morning.

Other days, the clock seems to be wrong by hours when waking up. Usually that’s on the dark, dreary mornings like this one, where the air is gray with rain. The sound of wet tires on wet pavement saying “shhhhh.” How do you not sleep on a day like this?

Yesterday I wrote about Doing and Not Doing, and sometimes the Doing can’t be carried forward by energy alone. It’s like exercising; the energy expended magically creates more energy. One thing off the list makes the next thing look awfully checkable.

Energy aside.

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14 thoughts on “Energy for E

  1. It’s so confusing. Somehow, when I exercise (burn energy) I feel more energetic later as if the burning of energy somehow birthed new energy-babies inside me. I don’t get it either.
    (btw, my husband is going to buy me the first Aunty Ida. I can’t wait!)

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    • I am so excited! I so hope you enjoy it!!

      I know! Sometimes I really have to fight myself to exercise, and then when I do, I feel completely energized, even when dripping with sweat! 🙂


  2. Ah, yes, the elusive energy syndrome. My mantra, repeated many times a day is “I’m tired” Funny how a few friends over for wine and chips can eradicate that feeling in a heartbeat. Now I must go take a nap.


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