Getting Tougher


So A-F just sailed on through with little pondering on my part. As the day arrived, the letter presented itself in an easy-open Sesame Street-like packet. But today we hit G and…no little thought present on my doorstep. Mailbox was empty. It didn’t even leave a “Sorry we missed you” sticky with an impossibly far away address to go pick up my blog post idea.

But sometimes no idea becomes an idea. Deep, no?

No? Really, hypothetical reader? It’s not? I thought it was at least kinda deep. Like in a saying over a pretty unrelated picture on Twitter kind of way. What’s that, hypothetical reader? You like those pictures?

Me too.

But I digress. The act of writing as a must instead of a maybe is never an easy thing. But it does act as verbal cardio, increasing your sentence endurance and writing stamina. And we all know that word-bearing exercise is essential if you want to have non-brittle story structure.

Exercise is exercise, whether it’s your brain or your body. Sometimes it’s tough, and that’s when we get stronger.

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18 thoughts on “Getting Tougher

  1. I’m with you. Forced writing, as much as a lot of writers claim they never do it, is a necessary skill for most hoping to make a living at it some day. Even if it doesn’t write easily, yours reads very easily. That should make you feel better, right?

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    • Thanks! It really is, I’ve been finding that with the challenge. Though I may have to think about my post, knowing that I have to do it anyway helps, and each day it’s a little easier to get to it.

      And like exercise, keeping it fun also helps!


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