H Time With Her Cousin, Much Removed


cozy final coverI wasn’t going to do this. I swear, I wasn’t going to, but then somehow fellow A-to-Z Challenge blogger John Davis Frain came across last year’s H post, and it’s Saturday, and I have stuff to do, and the sun is shining for the first time in nearly a week, and I guess what I’m saying here is please enjoy my recycled post. It’s just good for the environment.


Sorry folks. It had to be done. I know, I know, it’s all kinds of self-promotion-y, but sometimes you just have to do a little horn tooting, break out the old soapbox and wave your carnival cane. A carnival cane is a thing, right?

Anyway, with H we are talking about my cozy mystery, Her Cousin, Much Removedwhich is available for Kindle, and free to read with Kindle Unlimited or Amazon Prime.

What’s that you say, hypothetical reader? I seem to be doing the bulk of the talking? Point taken. Now please let me get on with flogging my wares.

Venetia Shipman only wanted her platter back, the one she lent her sorta cousin, Delenda. But now Delenda’s been murdered, and that’s only the beginning of Venetia’s problems. Yep, Delenda was up to some not-so-great stuff, and Venetia’s the one who’s paying for it.

See? Was that so terrible? What’s that, hypothetical reader? You can’t wait to read Her Cousin, Much Removed? It sounds like a fun, mysterious romp with twists, humor and, of course, platters? Oh, stop, hypothetical reader. You flatter me.

Check out  my full-length novels,  Her Cousin Much Removed,  The Great Paradox and the Innies and Outies of Time Management and Aunty Ida’s Full-Service Mental Institution (by Invitation Only), and the sequel, Aunty Ida’s Holey Amazing Sleeping Preparation (Not Doctor Recommended) which is now available!

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9 thoughts on “H Time With Her Cousin, Much Removed

  1. It does sound like a fun read. I wish I had earlier A to Z challenges to recycle once in a while and prevent nostalgia overload! Enjoy your sunny day. We’re watching snow melt in the midwest.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m in the midwest too! The weather is just being mean now.

      Honestly the recycling hadn’t occurred to me until the comment on last year’s post. At least you’ll fill your nostalgia quotient for the year!


    • It’s very much as it sounds! Technically speaking, it’s a mystery with an amateur detective. Usually there’s a dose of humor as well. They are basically the perfect rainy day book! 🙂


  2. Haha! Count on me to get totally lost (by a YEAR, no less!) and help you out anyway. Glad to do it. And thanks for the plug, by the way. My six-sentence stories are exhausting me, so I totally understand where you’re coming from.

    But here’s a thought. Don’t think of this as a recycled post — think of it as a selection from your Greatest Hits release.

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