The Klutz and the Letter K


Every K-word I could think of this morning is actually a C-word. Clean, crafty, clumsy, klutzy. Hold on a second there.

That’s a K.

I am a klutz, generally speaking. I drop things, I trip, I stabbed my thumb with a screwdriver the other day. Don’t worry, both thumb and screwdriver are doing fine, but it’s amazing the things you realize are bad ideas only after you do them.

Sorry, what was that, hypothetical reader? Not everyone knows what a klutz is? Well, that’s a valid a point. For anyone unfamiliar, a klutz is a clumsy person. The words seem close, but there’s something so expressive about the sounds of the letters when you say “klutz.”

When you’re using a written medium, the sounds of the words may not be the first thing you consider in word choice, but I know when I read, I hear the words in my head. They have a form and a shape. Not only do you want the word with the closest meaning to what you’re trying to convey, you want it to sound right, to nestle in among the other words of the sentence, to give the sentence body.

“Clumsy” is thick and lurching; it has no sense of humor. “Klutzy” has a twinkle in its eye.

Neither is wrong, but one may be more right than the other. These aren’t necessarily decisions for a first draft, by the way. This kind of word choice comes along later, in the polishing stage of the editing process, when everything already has a color and tone.

Now if you will excuse me, I’ve got to wrap this up. My feet don’t drop things on themselves, you know.

Note: Apparently this post is my 500th! Wow, I had no idea I was that posty!

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23 thoughts on “The Klutz and the Letter K

  1. In my German-American family, we sometimes use “klutz-isch” instead of klutzy. “isch” is the German suffix similar to adding a y. Somehow, that sounds more dramatic to my ears than klutzy. “I’m klutzisch today!”

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  2. Klutzes of the world unite! actually, I’m not a klutz. But my daughter is. SUCH a klutz. First day of work se goes to the loo and the handier falls off the wall! I mean, have you ever heard of that happening? Is that even thing? But it happened to her. She swears she didn’t touch it. But I know.

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    • I do understand because I come from a long line…maybe we’re all related?! My mom had a similar story…the bathroom stall door fell off on her in a public restroom! I’m sure she’ll be thrilled I shared that story.

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  3. Congrats on the 500th post from a fellow klutz. I never minded much, until a dear friend, upon meeting my lovely grown up daughter said “she’s so graceful”. Whilst preening, I noticed the overly mobile eyebrows in the quizzical look he was giving me. He’s right of course, she is. She got that from her father …


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