N is all about new episodes


By now you probably believe that I spend my time draped in Grecian robes, thinking deep thoughts and writing sentences that tie themselves into balloon animals. And you’d be partially right: Grecian robes are very comfy.

But that’s not all I do.

My name is Isa-Lee Wolf and I’m a TV addict. So. Much. TV. If you follow me on Twitter, you probably know that already. In fact, last night should have been a bonanza of live tweeting, but I actually left my house to visit with friends who weren’t ending every pithy show insight with a hashtag.

(Note to the half of that couple who is a religious reader of my blog: I had a lovely time and your girls are so adorable the entire world should know of their adorableness. They are so much fun).

And if you’re not following me on Twitter, why not? It’s easy peasy and I’m a good follow-backer as long as your twitter history isn’t horrifying, teeming with adult photos or promising me a billion followers. Here I am: @IsaLeeWolf

So for a TV obsessed Netflix adorer like me, there is no feeling in the world like seeing that little graphic across the bottom of the picture of a show you love. It is like the present of everything you ever wanted in one little click.

I think you know where I’m going.

“Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” is back, and it’s as hilarious as ever. I’m torn as to whether to gobble them all up, to swallow episodes whole until the bag is empty, or to try to savor them, to make them last.

The inclination is to gobble. But I think life might slow me down a little. And yes, I would sit and watch them all day if I could, even though it’s gorgeous out and heading toward spring-like.

What? I said I had a problem. Now please excuse me while I adjust the gold rope on this Grecian robe and straighten my golden headband. I have Kimmy to watch.

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32 thoughts on “N is all about new episodes

    • It is the sacred duty of a TV addict NEVER to give spoilers! Certainly not somewhere where they’d be unexpected, or without warning. 30 Rock is AMAZING, and the best part is you have two season of Kimmy when you get to it!

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  1. I don’t really have the option. My husband is a big fan, too, and for those few shows we both enjoy, we try to watch them together. So for Kimmy, we may “binge” on 3-4 episodes in one night, but that’s the max, and so much is coming back right now that we have to spread it all out!

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    • That’s awesome that you have those shows, and even awesomer that Kimmy is one of them! I don’t even know which ep I’m on. But I have to leave the house, so now I have no choice but to stop.


    • I had to be away from the TV today or I would have finished, I’m loving the season so far! Apparently harem pants are a big thing right now (I am a fashion expert solely through Project Runway. Being a TV addict is educational. Ish).

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  2. I suppose I’m a bit of a TV addict, as well. I stream Netflix/Hulu Plus on my laptop while I’m working. I’m watching Kitchen Nightmares (all seasons) now. I watched the first season of Kimmy Schmidt–haven’t started the second one yet. I thought it was cute, but I found myself drifting away as the season went on. I felt like it was an interesting premise but it wasn’t enough to sustain the show long term.


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    • Kitchen Nightmares makes me afraid to eat out! I’ve seen some of the ones in the US and some shot in the UK, the UK ones are more fun for some reason. Probably because I won’t accidentally eat there!

      Kimmy definitely is one of those things that doesn’t appeal to everyone. You have to be willing to go weird. 🙂


  3. My wife and I have quite a few shows on our watch list. Unfortunately for us, we’re behind on every single one of them. Our only benefit—though it’s a big one—is never having to wait for the next episode.

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  4. 1710mama

    Thank you, the girls totally dig you too! I feel like we made a little cameo on your blog…what fun! Watch some TV for me, please! ; )


  5. I can totally understand the desire slob out on Netflix for a whole day or two. With me it used to be video games before life handed me a few responsibilities which eat up my spare time. I miss the days of teenage not-giving-a-toss where I would play for hours on end. -sigh-

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