IMG_7929We all have our things in life, and one of my things is migraines. They descend upon me stealthily, menacingly, and it can take hours of slowed, muddled thinking for me to realize what is going on. For a while, everything just seems…harder.

So it was rather late in the day yesterday when it occurred to me that maybe the reason I had closed the blinds without thinking and tried to get all sounds to stop was because my nemesis had once again come to call.

What can I say? I lose at least 10 IQ points when I have one. 15 when it’s really cooking.

For me, it’s like there’s a rattling in my head, a buzz that is both silent and loud. Light feels uncomfortable, sounds sharper than normal. A soft, quiet dark is the best thing.

It isn’t gone yet, but I’m trying to chase it out with Tylenol and lots of sugar — I’ve found sugar is the best thing for them, so check it out, fellow migrainers. I swear it works wonders.

If you’ve gotten any typo-laden comments from me, please know that it’s the migraine who’s illiterate, not me. Most of the time, anyway.

It will pass, as it always does, leaving me tired and wondering at the trigger. But until then, I will be taking in the quiet.

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35 thoughts on “Quiet

  1. Virago1977

    I feel your pain. I am also a migraine sufferer and I agree that while we should know what’s going on immediately, the pain sometimes makes you completely blind to what’s happening. I hope you’re feeling better!

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    • Thanks so much and so sorry to hear you’re also in the club. It’s so strange. I usually get more of an aura than the headache itself, but the pain can be so much just…present.


  2. How funny, not funny because you get migraines, they suck in a big bad way, but funny you did Quiet for Q, because that is what I was going to do. But your post is on time and mine will invariably be late.

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  3. That’s cool that you subconsciously recognize the signs in advance and take precautionary measures. I’m that way with my depression (my “thing”). It used to hit me so hard – a never-ending downward spiral lasting months, but now I see the signs and do what I can to prevent the fall.

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    • Thanks so much! Yes, any sugar-laden candy works, as does sugar and my favorite, honey. I find I also crave carbs, but starchy ones.

      And thanks on the photos! I started to feel a little rude for interrupting its dinner. And it got a little brutal there 🙂


  4. peanutfreemigrainemom

    I’ve found that diet changes have made my migraines more manageable. I still sometimes get them, but they aren’t as bad and my toolbox is more effective. I’m posting on the diet change, if you want to visit.

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    • I will definitely check it out! I’m a big believer in avoiding triggers and eating foods without additives. I’d rather take the steps to prevent them…though you can’t always avoid them.


  5. Sorry about your migraines. I get them too and they suck. It’s so frustrating because it just sucks your time away. But it’s not as if you could do anything productive when you get one, just have to wait it out. Bummer!

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