S is for SALE!


I’m winding up, because here’s the pitch! (I KNOW. A sports reference. What a day!)


Buy me! I’m 99 cents! I’ll only mess with your head a little!

So Aunty Ida is on sale today! For a limited time, you too can have the hands of Aunty Ida waaayy up in your brain for just $0.99!* I swear that’s much more appealing than it sounds!

Here’s the deal. Margaret is a sitting judge who has a little…uh…incident while hearing a trial. Well, that trial happened to be televised. Enter Aunty Ida, who promises to help Margaret fix her problems. And she has the mind-altering machines to do it.

Margaret knows she doesn’t have any problems. She was set up, and she’s going to prove it.

*(Replacement brains and/or replacement brain parts not included).

So if you’ve been curious about this strange figure I keep talking about as though she is real (and she’s sure you can’t prove that she’s not) now’s a good time to check her out. Just, you know, be careful. She’s got a lot of ideas and she’s not afraid to use them.


Aunty Ida is my most insistent character, the one who probably has to exist in another dimension, finding a way to communicate with me here. Her band of compatriots also feel pretty real, at least to some universe. And I wrote earlier of Margaret’s truculence while writing this book.

For the writers, who is your character like Aunty Ida? The one who demands attention or pushes the story?

And the readers, which fictional characters feel to you like they must live somewhere in one galaxy or another?

Big news! Aunty Ida’s Full-Service Mental Institution (by Invitation Only) is $0.99 for a limited time!

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