Waning with W


By Art Lupinacci (OTRS email 2015090710009336) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons

Here we are at the bottom end of the alphabet, the final letters of the A-to-Z blogging challenge. It’s an end with which I am well-acquainted, always being one of the last when we went in alphabetical order in school. Except when a kind teacher decided on reverse-alphabetical order.

Ah, those were the days.

So with the challenge now waning, it’s a good chance to think about what we’ve gotten from it, in addition to all of our lovely new blogging friends (hi new blogging friends!).

I’ve seen little chunks of the world I never would have otherwise seen; read poetry, flash fiction, micro-fiction and micro-micro-fiction; learned about a range of topics from the very heavy (child/sexual abuse) to the informative and practical (crafts, cooking, writing); and have had the chance to share other people’s unique and entertaining memories.

It’s been a great month.

But I’ve also learned a lot about my own blogging, and perhaps that’s the point. For example, I’ve decided I like pictures in my posts. And they don’t always have to be my pictures either. Like that amazing moon.

I’ve learned I’m not much of a topic blogger, though I probably already knew that, and that I enjoy starting my day blabbering about whatever is crowding in my head at the moment. Having a letter made it easier to focus on that.

How about you? What thoughts do you have on the challenge now that it’s nearly over? And if you’re not an A-to-Z Challenger, what has it been like reading the posts? Have you found new fun blogs from the comments? (If not yet, I highly recommend it!)

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42 thoughts on “Waning with W

  1. Even though I’ve whined a bit about this challenge, I’ve regained my interest in writing on my blog. I agree with you; I’ve come to appreciate any image that I can find to add to my blog posts. And I think going forward I’ll use fewer links in my posts. All that being said, this has been a fun thing to do, but I’m really tired of the alphabet. Hello, random, my old friend!

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    • Ha! I agree, though I have to admit it’s helped to focus me a little. A word will pop into my head, and off I go.

      I don’t know that I’ll keep to six days a week, but it’s become a nice way to anchor the morning.

      I agree, it’s made me much more interested in blogging again, because it reminded me the whole point of it is connecting.

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  2. This Challenge had given me a massive confidence boost in terms of the amount of words I can write in one day. I work full time and always have plenty to do when I get home, yet I’ve still managed to write stories of around the 900-word mark every day. This blog has really made me feel great about the speed of my imagination and how good my stories can still be with very little editing. I now know for certain that I can achieve my ambition of writing a novel! So, long story short, this Challenge has made me more confident in my abilities as a fiction writer 😊

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    • That is fantastic! And 900 words a day is a really good chunk!

      It’s definitely a good wind-up to writing a whole novel…if you haven’t done NaNoWriMo, I think you should gear up to in November.


  3. wildchild47

    Well I came to your party a bit late, but nonetheless, I’m glad I did. 😀

    I keep swearing “never again” with the A-Z and even though I did it again, and was totally prepared for it – I wrote all of my 26 word stories over 2 days, 3 days before the challenge began, I have to say, by the letter “Q” I was worn out. And there just never seems to be enough time, even with a day off, to keep pace and tabs on all the cool sites and places I started off reading, following etc. But nonetheless, the best thing of the challenge, is, as you’ve said, just being able to float about and check out all kinds of stuff, with the ‘anchor’ being the letters. Content is as varied as those creating it – and it is – blogging – really about connections. Whether it’s with a few or many, connections. So it’s cool – but I’m also glad it’s over. Whether I’d consider doing it again? I’m saying “no” as I type this. LOL …. but who knows?

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    • I know! But at least we lined up eventually!

      I’ll definitely keep on doing it, but I didn’t constrain myself in the same way…I feel like it multiplies the challenge. Though I am intrigued by the 26-word stories, I might have to try it.

      I agree about the visiting, I know there are far busier blogs than mine and I don’t know how people do it! And yet it’s my favorite part, especially when I get something I didn’t expect or I learn something new or see someplace new.

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      • wildchild47

        I’ve tried several approaches to the A-Z – the first year I sort of just went “thematic” by just posting stuff as it came to me and had to do with my blog at the time, which was different, more general/lifestyle …. and it was still tough. I don’t know why, but mid-way or so, I just lose steam …. but you’re right, if nothing else, it’s about all the discoveries made along the way which make it really worth while …. and wow, has this challenge rocketed in terms of participants over the past few years! So, it’s all good. 🙂

        Have a great day and walk up to the weekend 🙂

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      • I think it’s just taxing to have to blog every day. For some reason, this year it wasn’t as difficult for me as it has been in the past…maybe because it’s such a relaxed, unconstrained way of writing versus the other stuff I’ve been doing, like the sketch comedy.

        Thanks so much, and you too 🙂

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  4. I think I’ve come to similar conclusions as you. I really only had my blog like a week before the challenge, but I’ve enjoyed it. I don’t think I’ll ever stick to one topic, my focus is writing and no matter my topic I’ll still be writing about it. I also like pictures and sometimes you just have to use someone else’s to capture the perfect image you have in mind. I think I’d like to try other challenges in the future as well!

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    • In a way, it’s awesome that you’ve never known blogging any other way! It makes keeping up with it all so much easier, I think, you don’t have any lazy habits to kick 🙂

      I haven’t done any other challenges, but it’s not a bad idea.

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  5. I am sorry that the challenge is ending, but do look forward to a slower pace. It has been very overwhelming at times to get the posts written and comments made on everyone’s blogs. Some days I missed getting in all the comments that I meant to make. But, we’ve been dealing with a flood and storms here in our area, too. Stress everywhere around.

    I have found several wonderful new blogs during this challenge, some that I will continue to visit on a regular basis because they are a great fit with my interests. It has been fun meeting new folks. I have gotten ideas for more blog posts along the way as I have commented on others’ posts. Maybe I will actually get these posts written. 🙂

    Have a blessed day!


  6. I did this because I’d been a year away from my blog, and needed to re-develop the habit of writing. And connecting. So many of the blogs I used to follow are defunct now! But I found new blog-friends – Hi there! so that’s an added bonus.

    I didn’t search through comment sections nearly enough. I found my husband through a comment section years ago, so I can definitely say there is something to be gained by reading and linking through that rabbit-hole!

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    • (Should I admit I waved at the screen at your “hi there?” I probably shouldn’t, should I?)

      That’s an excellent tip! I really didn’t do that either, though I did see familiar names and faces at many places. But so far no husbands (well, probably other people’s but that’s not my thing).

      I think they are encouraging people to continue using the list throughout the year, and I think I’ll take that comment suggestion to heart going forward. Increasing the blogging activity is more fun than I thought it would be.


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