Y is for yellow. Sorta.


Y is yelling at me because I am being slow and am yet to create a post. So I decided that I would go easy on all of us, we who have read at least nine million words this month in blogmiles alone, and go with pictures. Pictures with yellow. Mind you, I haven’t selected the photos yet, so let’s see how this goes!

Oh and a quick note on Jane Storegoer and the Cone of EvilHer story will continue, stay tuned to find out how and when!


Look. I’m kinda pale yellow.


No question. Yellow here!


I’m tiny! See my yellow? SEE IT?


I could attack a medium-sized city if I only had some toxic waste.

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22 thoughts on “Y is for yellow. Sorta.

    • I really, really get that right now. I actually think someone did, and she’s commented here, or liked the blog, but I can’t remember who it was off the top of my head at the moment. So if you are the color blogger, please speak up!

      I mean I think you could cover almost all the letters, though X, as usual, could be a pain.

      But if today’s is up, it’s just one more to go!

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    • Thanks so much! Yes, like all the wildlife at the Chicago Botanic Garden, they were terribly cooperative. And at this point, it’s tough to read even what you really want to read!


    • Yes, it’s their model train area. It’s really magical. Last year at Christmas they brought all the trains inside and set up a whole exhibit.

      There’s also something unique about the miniatures, but I can’t remember what it is. Oops.


    • Oh, that would have been fun, I’m sure! And thanks 🙂 I think it’s great reading weather. Or writing weather. Or puzzling whether. In my case it will be laundry weather. WHOO HOO! Living the life.


  1. Love the post!!! Succinct, with pretty pictures. I love the Chicago Botanic Gardens. Used to spend hours there with my Mum. In fact, there is a trio of Cherry Tree my Mum had planted at the gardens in memory of her father and two brothers. Such a cool place.

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  2. Sometimes it’s nice to read lots of words, and sometimes it’s nice to stare at beautiful pictures. You have given us both, so thank you for that! I enjoyed your pictures, and I have enjoyed your words (and I am finally getting to catch up on everyone’s A to Z that I fell behind with!)


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