TiVo, RCN and the Great Tech Debacle


I just learned that I can follow Tabatha from “Bewitched” on Twitter. Well, the actress who played Tabatha, yes I know Tabatha was fictional.


And stumbled into this whole nostalgia pocket of actors who played parts on shows where our lives now would belong in a science-fiction world. Incredible, really.

Though I almost always marvel at technology with a schoolgirl crush, technology and I have had a little bit of a back-and forth recently. My TiVo abruptly stopped connecting to the internet. Now you would probably think that that problem would be easily resolved. After hours talking with the extremely kind people at RCN, I have been on the phone with TiVo since 9 am. Or on a chat. Or otherwise in communication. I finally got off of the phone with them at noon.

And no closer to a resolution. ARRGGHH.

It’s strange, because this moment is starting to feel like the end of an era for me: my TiVo era. I’ve given it my best, but it looks like I’ll be changing to the RCN system. It might cost a little more net, but if there’s a problem, at least there is someone who can fix it.

They’ve just been so nice about it all.

Which is good, because now I have to get back on the phone with them, because TiVo insists it must be an RCN issue.

Oh joy. The TiVo person thought I should go with the RCN system as well…apparently they no longer want me as a customer. One thing I can say for sure is I will absolutely never go through this again.

And let us all say it together: ARRGGHH.

Update: I had the most lovely conversation with Eric at RCN, and I am getting their equipment on Monday. Yay for that! He thinks that the problem lies with TiVo. Only time and outage reports will tell, but it won’t be my problem anymore. Let the new TVing begin!

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4 thoughts on “TiVo, RCN and the Great Tech Debacle

  1. We’ve never had a TiVo because we’re Neanderthals who live in a cave, I guess. The thing is that without it I’ve missed actually seeing shows on TV, but it has given all my friends the opportunity to explain their favorite shows to me. For an introvert, it’s a great way to keep the conversation going. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s hilarious! These days, you can stream most things you miss, one way or another. And you certainly haven’t missed anything, or aren’t missing it now.

      It’s going to be so much easier just to deal with RCN and not ever have to talk to those people again. They were insanely condescending, as though I didn’t unplug and replug things right!

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  2. I have a Roku. We completely disconnected from cable, and it really hasn’t been bad at all. I never see commercials anymore, which is good. We don’t get news, which is even better.
    I loved “Bewitched” but it used to make me mad that Sam was so against using her powers and actually cleaned and cooked the mortal way. What the heck?

    Liked by 1 person

    • I completely agree on Bewitched! I love watching it, though, because it is so much a product of its times, and those times change dramatically over the course of the show. But I mean who would ACTUALLY WANT to scrub the house, as though that was the pinnacle of womanhood? She’s been to Jupiter, for goodness sake. But again, watching the cultural shift is fascinating.

      I just can’t cut the cord, and we get basic cable anyway, why shouldn’t I load it up with all the goodies?! (I am such an addict. I admit it).

      Liked by 1 person

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