Technology and Monday have it in for me


not working tvSo with Jane Storegoer shifted to Fridays, Monday is now open when it comes to blog topics. And by “open” I mean I’ve been staring at the blank “Add a New Post” screen and listening to the wind rattle my blinds.

Once again, I’ve got my cable service on my mind. And once again, I don’t have any in the bedroom. And once again, I am surprised by how much it’s bothering me. And once again, I am wondering if there is a message from the universe I’ m missing or refusing to hear.

To add to that, I’ve just received a cancellation confirmation from TiVo. If you recall, I cancelled my TiVo service a week ago. Why is it only going through now? Your guess is as good as mine, but given that they never actually cancelled service I canceled in 2014, let’s hope we are good and finished with one another. In fact it said the cancellation request was at 12 midnight. Who knows why. Let’s hope no credit cards were charged in the making of this cancellation, and keep eyes on all statements.

I guess it’s got me thinking about how we don’t notice things that work while they’re working, but when they go awry — no matter how small the real impact on our lives and the planet — it can seem impossible to get everything ticking and humming again.

Is it just a failure of fortitude? Are there take-it-in-stride people who don’t see these life aggravations as aggravations?

Is this situation as annoying as I think it is?

I mean the RCN tech people are nice and all, but I don’t want to have them to breakfast every week.

Oh well, as I said on Twitter, at least it meant revisiting a manuscript that has been in a state of stagnation for a while. And maybe that’s universe’s point. Manuscripts good.

TV bad.

Who knows. Either way, I’m buying insurance for the robot uprising. I’m almost positive my TV service is the first wave.

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7 thoughts on “Technology and Monday have it in for me

  1. Technology doesn’t care what day of the week it is. It gives me a hard time any day. Thinking about canceling my cable service if the kid moves on. I don’t have anything on there to watch. Nada. No TV in the bedroom anyway. I read there. I told my son he could take our Tivo’s to the recycling center. He’s been trying to sell them :))))) Jokes on him. Thanks for the heads up on that. Good luck with the gremlins.

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