Playing Hooky by the Rules: Photographic Evidence


The rules of hooky are simple: avoid all tasks on the to-do list. Enjoy day. Repeat as needed.

So yesterday I ditched everything I should have been doing, and went for Ethiopian food at Chicago’s Ethiopian Diamond restaurant. The pics right there are from their website, which isn’t totally functioning, so I’m not linking, but it gives you an idea of what the food is like.

I was so excited to dig in, I completely forgot to take a picture for everyone. We didn’t do dessert — I actually came home with a to-go box that must have weighed six pounds (it doesn’t anymore!) — but you can see how the food comes on one giant patter, resting on a base of Ethiopian bread, which is called injera.

The injera is soft and spongy, and is tangily-sour. It’s adds a layer of flavor as you use it as a utensil to grab the fragrant stewy food.

My favorites are the vegetarian dishes, though I’m not a vegetarian. But the meats are also wonderful. While the end results can appear similar, every dish has a distinct flavor, but the spices never overwhelm the ingredients. Some can be very spicy, so watch it if you’re not into heat!

After lunch I headed over to the Lincoln Park Zoo, where I broke out my trusty camera. I have mixed feelings about zoos, as I understand their purpose in terms of conservation, but some of the animals just seem so depressed.

Lincoln Park Zoo is just north of downtown Chicago, and it’s free. It opened in 1868, and some of the structures still have that look of animal jails, with the tiny exhibition spaces. But with extensive remodeling in recent years, animals are getting bigger and more natural habitats.

It’s still a zoo, though.

Sometime between 1897-1924. I think that bear is considering whether it can clear that jump.

We focused (ha!) mostly on birds this trip, and they, at least, seemed pretty contented with their lots in life. There was one open room of tropical birds, and they seemed to enjoy the interaction with visitors.

In fact, I’d swear they took turns making sure they had their pictures taken.


A family! Not sure what they are…


Wasn’t sorry there was a fence between me and this vulture.


This little green guy looked like a cartoon character.


Check out those skinny, skinny , skinny legs and that skinny, skinny beak!




Just love this guy’s swagger.

IMG_0298 IMG_0324


This bird had the most amazing scarlet under its wings.


I’m convinced the snowy owl was the inspiration for the dragon’s face in The Never Ending Story.


These flamingos made me giggle. There’s such humor in the angle of their beaks.


In contrast to this ostrich, who had had. E. Nough.


This bird was such a friendly cutie, it let an 18-month old get super close before finally flying away.

We’ll save the other animals for another day. I hope you enjoyed your vicarious zoo visit!
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8 thoughts on “Playing Hooky by the Rules: Photographic Evidence

    • Well, they’re kind of contained (except in the one big tropical bird room, and all of those birds were total hams!). Made for pretty easy shooting.

      Make sure you check the reviews for the places by you, there is some really bad Ethiopian food out there. But I highly recommend it! And if you have issues with spicy, be careful. If you love spicy, have at it! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • It’s really yummy, and the flavors themselves are that wild, though the way of eating is different, which is fun. If you have a good place near you! I love trying different foods when I can, it’s a way of shaking hands with other cultures. Only yummier.

      Liked by 1 person

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