I really didn’t want to write about Orlando


I was going to blog about dreams today — mine have been extremely vivid lately, yet melt away the moment I open my eyes — but I have decided to go another way. You see, I am trying really, really, really hard not to write about what happened in Orlando at the Pulse nightclub.

Really, really hard.

But I just can’t pretend that my blog can be its normally light space. Not right now. I am too heavy with the thoughts of those poor people just living their lives, out on a Saturday night, killed simply for who a gunman assumed they were.

Killed over love. Murdered for love. Shot down because someone with easy, easy access to a death didn’t like how they loved.

I will often note how I don’t like to get political in my author space, but this is not political.

This is humanity.

And objecting to the laws and the policies that put that weapon in the murderer’s hands is not political.

It’s sanity.

Every single pro-gun politician, every single pro-gun vote got us to this point today, where 50 people can be killed and 50-plus more injured with the casual press of an itchy trigger.

Do not be dazzled by the song-and-dance of “terrorist” this and “terrorist” that. Make no mistake: this tragedy was brought to you by the NRA and each of the kowtowing politicians who do as the NRA says and ask no questions. This tragedy was brought to you by the voters who put those toadies in office and the voters who stayed home instead. This tragedy was brought to you by Heller, one of the worst Supreme Court cases in American history, which required the “strict constructionists” of the Court to throw out half of an Amendment to get the result they wanted.

Saturday illustrated the result they wanted in gory, gory detail.

I am angry and I am heartbroken. There is never enough death, there is a never-ending well of excuses. And there is the hypocrisy of people who support laws calling for the inspection of genitals when someone wants to use a bathroom who now “stand with” the victims.

Your culture is what made these innocent people “victims.” Your irresponsible and illogical hate mongering. Your use of entire swaths of people as political tools.

I thought my LGBTQ friends were safer here in the 21st century. And now I know how quickly, how easily they can be gone over hate.

Well, there is someone who hates nearly all of us. Someone, out there, hates just about everyone, whether for their race, gender, religion, nationality, age, or other characteristic.

And we’ve given them unlimited access to weapons so that they can do something about it.

Note: While I encourage respectful discussion, this space is a safe space. No bigotry, hatred, rudeness, insults, minimization of or calls to violence, or NRA talking points will be tolerated. My space, my rules. 


13 thoughts on “I really didn’t want to write about Orlando

    • I couldn’t agree more, and yet the access in this county gets easier and easier. In sane countries, it took one mass shooting for change. We’ve had 176 this year alone, with Orlando being the worst in U.S. history.


  1. What happened in Orlando is horrible… And I agree with you, I’m not an American so maybe it’s not up to me to comment on it, but I think that the pro-gun politics do a lot of harm to the country.

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    • I think everyone outside of the country can see it and can’t understand it…and I think it’s important for you to know there are millions upon millions of us who don’t understand it either.

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  2. Hi everyone! It’s me. I think I was pretty clear about NRA talking points. TSK TSK TSK. Because this is my blog, I’m going to use this comment to educate. Ceticmama36, you are welcome here, but this propaganda is not, and I will break down why. I’m in bold; Celticmama36’s comments are in plain text

    I think that this was a sad event just like all killings are. However, it is hate at the root of this tragedy, not access to guns.

    This is the generally the first line of NRA propaganda. A gun is NEVER EVER at fault for a shooting. The reality is that without that automatic weapon — don’t fall for that line of propaganda either, whether you call it “automatic,” “semi-automatic” or “that thing it’s insane that people can buy in bulk,” the gun can shoot 45 rounds per minute. Sure would have been tough to murder all those people so quickly and so efficiently without a gun. Make no mistake. This tragedy is about hate and guns.

    The good guys are the ones that follow the rules and don’t shoot people.

    Here we are! The darling of the gun set: “The good guy with a gun.” Well, the “good guys are the ones that [who] follow the rules and don’t shoot people,” until they do. More intimate partner murders are committed with guns than ALL OTHER WEAPONS COMBINED. In houses with guns, the risk of homicide is three times higher, and states with higher gun ownership have higher rates of homicide. It’s estimated that 94% of suicides with guns would not have occurred had a gun not been present. (Source)

    Those that shoot people like this are not inclined to follow the rules about guns or anything else, so legislating them more won’t change anything. It will just make it harder for us to defend ourselves from those that do not follow the rules.

    The old “they’re not gonna follow the rules, so we might as well not do anything. Shrug,” excuse. The reality is that carrying gun actually increases your odds of being shot. Only 1 percent of gun use is classified as “self-defense,” scrutinizing those situations actually reveals aggression on the part of the “self defender.” (Source)

    A lot of people don’t follow seat belt laws. They still save over 13,000 lives a year.

    Wouldn’t it be great to be able to live in a land where no one ever had to be afraid? We could walk the streets without having to look over our shoulders. No violence, no hate. Just love the way Heavenly Father intended from the beginning.

    Studies show that that world is much more likely without guns than with them. Guns increase aggression

    Heaven help us all.

    While that might also help, we can do a lot to help ourselves by not treating people who are different than us as though they aren’t human, by not making hatred a core value, and restricting or barring access to guns entirely.

    And before the next NRA fan tries to make the Constitutional argument, the Second Amendment clearly restricts gun ownership. Like the perversion of justice that found “Separate but equal” which was later reversed by Brown v. Board of Education, Heller will be reversed.


    • Me too. It just makes no sense, especially since they can live their lives without who someone else loves making a difference to them one way or another.

      Hatred cannot be an acceptable form of discourse.

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      • That’s what I do not understand! When people were outraged that gay marriage was legalized I just questioned how in anyway will that affect someone who is NOT gay and looking to get married? I’m so tired of people using religion as an excuse to hate and exclude. I’m so tired of people saying things like “that’s the way it’s always been, that’s the way we’ve always done things” maybe our old ways aren’t good enough! Clearly, they aren’t! But all we can do is spread our own kindness instead of feed into the hate and fear. Stay strong, stay kind 💕

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    • Hey! I agree that it is about hate, but you cannot divorce it from the guns. If he didn’t have a weapon of war, he could hate (or be as mentally unstable, which apparent he was) as much as possible, but it’s pretty difficult to express so easily and effectively. Lawn darts were banned. Kinder eggs are banned. And you can get a semi-automatic weapon (which can easily be altered to fully automatic) in no time flat.

      I don’t know what we can do about hate, or, as may be the case here, self-loathing. But we can make it harder to express it with death.

      I’m coming over to check out your link (it’s the Great Blogspot/WP divide, I think).


      • Red

        Maybe it’s just because I grew up around terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka that I have witnessed that bombs – small, homemade, individual devices – cause much more devastation. I would venture to guess that not one single bomb has ever been built / detonated that did not harm or maim humanity.

        Guns are purchased all the time that are never fired, merely kept handy for self-defence. Guns are often – dare I say MOST often? – used for hunting. Sometimes, yes, they are used to harm and that does need to be fixed. But make no mistake, this radical terrorist could easily have blown himself up to the same effect.

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      • I really don’t think that people are using AR-15s for hunting. There’d be nothing left.

        Saying that “Most guns are purchased and never fired” (I don’t know that that’s true) is like saying “most cars don’t get into accidents so why do they need safety features?” And even if some people don’t wear their seat belts, they still save 13,000 lives a year.

        I don’t discount your experience, and no doubt there were very, very frightening times, but bomb components are getting very difficult to come by. After the Boston Marathon, changes were made to make it even more difficult and to alert authorities to suspicious activity.

        So why can changes never be made with guns? Why does everyone have to participate in this deadly denial that the thing that kills people very quickly and efficiently has nothing to do with the way that people are being killed very quickly and efficiently?

        My friend pointed out that she has to fill out three forms, get a blood test and sign a certified statement that she’s not clinically depressed to get acne medication.

        Millions of items are restricted, recalled, modified and banned. And none of those items are designed for one purpose and one purpose alone: to kill.

        If this man didn’t have a gun, he couldn’t have killed all of those people. No matter why he wanted to do it.


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