TV Talk: Twitter

It's a bird! Get it? TWITTER? Eh. Everyone's a critic.

It’s a bird! Get it? TWITTER? Eh. Everyone’s a critic.

Nope, it’s not the name of a show you’re missing. Though for any TV execs in the room, have I got a pitch for you!

Twitter is an amazing tool. It can bring you news before it’s news; it can instantly link you to people with similar interests; it can act as a source of endless amusement with various hashtag games. It can even bring love, as two of my friends found.

(What’s that, hypothetical reader? Did I maybe nudge them in the direction of magic? Why yes, yes I did, funny you should ask).

But my favorite use of Twitter is television.

You might have noticed that if you’re following me on Twitter. I’m currently live-tweeting five days a week — at least when I’m home to do it — and TV has never been so much fun.

From reality shows like Real Housewives of etc. and Below Deck random flavors to my science-fiction staples of “12 Monkeys” and “Orphan Black;” fantasy newcomer “Wynonna Earp” and soapy satire “UnReal,” I hunker down in front of my keyboard, mind my hashtags and tweet away.

Some shows are much easier to live-tweet than others. “Real Housewives of New York” (RHONY for those in the know) doesn’t really require eyes on the screen. With “12 Monkeys,” looking away for a second is impossible.

Still, no matter where you are in the world, you are suddenly at a viewing party, and the best thing is you don’t even have to share your snacks. Everyone has opinions, from the super-snarky to the truly insightful, and everyone’s invited.

A little hesitant about the idea of live-tweeting? Don’t be! If it’s too much to tweet while you’re watching, you can always wait for commercials. Be interactive, read and respond to other tweets, retweet the ones that tickle you and reciprocate when someone does the same with yours.


And just so much fun. The best part? You can support your favorite shows, as well. A strong Twitter fan base probably helped to rescue “Nashville” from the great TV beyond.

So see? You’re not only having fun on Twitter. You’re helping.

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6 thoughts on “TV Talk: Twitter

  1. Nice nudging work there. I’m sure your friends are suitably grateful. 🙂 I could never do a live-tweet of anything, I type so badly that by the time I’d got it right it’d be time for episode 2. And I usually watch the BBC, so no commercials (yet).

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    • It’s so much fun! I really highly recommend it. I found it weird and awkward at first, but then you start talking with and meeting people from everywhere. And it’s very, very easy to use. 🙂

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  2. Just can’t get the hang of twitter. I’ve tried but I sort of feel like that old person that use to go the bar and dance just a little out of rhythm and wear clothes that were just a little out of style. But I’m there, smiling and drinking and waving to the crowds…

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    • Ha! That is such an apt description! You’re halfway there, you just go up to people and say hi, but who are already talking about something you’re interested in. I think that’s why a TV show is the easiest way to start.

      I’ve just followed you! If you’re ever feeling Twitter awkward, use my handle to wave me over and I’ll rescue you 🙂


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