Characters are Everywhere (Writing Prompt)


IMG_0995You might remember this stingray from yesterday’s post of photos from the Shedd Aquarium. At least I think that’s the same lovable dork.

S/he got me thinking about inspiration, and, more specifically, inspiration as it applies to characters. I can’t tell you whether the personality I see in this photo is simply a product of my human experience anthropomorphizing a stingray, or if it’s just an animal who loves his/her gig.

I’ve got to say, I think s/he loves her/his gig.

That aside, it really doesn’t matter, because the inspiration exists no matter what the objective reality. This stingray is a character.

I’ve got an edge in converting him/her to character status, as I write science-fiction, and alien species can abound. But even if I wanted to take the essence of the spirit I see, I could work that energy into a cozy, for example, or a fantasy, or even a romance (though probably not a main character. Then again, why create limits?).

Inspiration for your characters is absolutely everywhere. You don’t even need a human to spark you into bringing someone fictional to life.

Which gets me to the point of this post (yes, yes, hypothetical reader, I love to meander).

Writing Prompt: Use this photo to create a character, and write about the character in any form you choose. 

If it’s short enough, feel free to post your results in the comments (and I know I have some microfiction visitors 🙂 ). If you think it’s too long, go ahead and post a link. We’ll visit.

Have fun!

Oh, and if this stingray doesn’t do it for you, feel free to use any of the photos from yesterday to grab a character. We’re not picky, are we hypothetical reader?


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7 thoughts on “Characters are Everywhere (Writing Prompt)

  1. “Helllooooo, people of the third planet! Yeah, we have come all the way across space, and found you guys here! Like, cool. So, listen, we come in pea-” BANG!!


  2. LSJ

    Tho, I have thith speeth impediment and it doethn’t really prevent me from getting
    around in my life, but it doth thometime make it difficult for otherth to
    underthand me.

    Luckily, I thwim with a lot of other cool creatureth, who have their own
    ithueth. They theem to acthept me and we look out for one another. Life can be
    dark and thcary; together, we thurvive.

    Liked by 2 people

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