One Lovely Blog Award? Why Thank You!


So I don’t usually do these awards which are, let’s face it, the 21st Century equivalent of chain letters. But I actually thought this one would be fun and figured, eh, what the heck!

Besides, I was so nicely nominated by Unibookworm, one of my A-to-Z Blogging Challenge buddies, so how could I resist? So thank you, Unibookworm! And also I didn’t have a ton of blog ideas for today, so thank you again! That’s Monday, all tied up!

Here’s the deal:

😉 Thank the blogger nominator and link back to them.

😉 Let us get to know you in 7-15 fun facts about you!

😉 Share the blog❤ by nominating 9-15 bloggers for the award and let them know!

Some facts about me:

  1. I write weird, humorous novels, some more quickly than others. My books: Paradox Ralf KraftAunty Ida 2 correctly filled in3 Ida1
    cozy final cover
  2. I also have a collection of short stories, which is free for the taking:










3. I am an excellent procrastinator but equally excellent with a deadline. Deadlines are law.

4. Speaking of law, I used to practice divorce law.

5. I actually participated in some chain letters as a tween. Passed as notes. I didn’t know that many addresses. Also I’m pretty sure mailing them is a crime. Or maybe that’s just what our parents told us to save on stamps.

6. I wish I had a dog, but I can’t have one in my building. So I have a very serious case of dog envy.

7. In the last few months, I’ve seen more news break on Twitter than from any other outlet, and I think that’s amazing and terrifying.

And now I get to nominate other blogs for this award! At least I don’t have to hand write it nine times. Please visit them because each and everyone of them is awesome. And they are:

Writing Wibble from SloopJonB

In Search of it All from Marlene Herself

Chez Shea 

Ladies Who Lunch Reviews, Etc.

Toni 1964 Blog

Doesn’t Speak Klingon from Red

Serena Sinclair

Heartstring Eulogies from Sarah Doughty

The Spectacled Bean from Ally Bean

(Wildchild47 would be on this list if I could find the blog…)

Thanks to all of you for hanging out here, even when I’m not being the best blogger with reciprocating. You are all, as the award says, lovely.

And thanks to Unibookworm! This was much more fun that I expected!







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