Getting Back That Old Writing Glow


IMG_1631So sometimes you just feel…off. Out of sync. Like you’re blinking at the wrong rate. That’s me this week.

Physically I’m fine, though a little tiny bit stiff from a new exercise video I tried. Mentally, though — particularly when it comes to writing — the thoughts aren’t quite lining up.

And that happens.

I assume. I could be the uniquest unique writer in the unique universe (note, is anyone else shocked that “uniquest” appears to be a valid word?!). But I’m probably not.

This could be a chance for a new kind of creativity. Or it could just require a little more finger grease, to loosen up those darn typing muscles. Who knows.

Yesterday, for example, I labored over a sketch for our comedy group. If there’s anything that shouldn’t be labored over, it’s probably comedy. My does it show.

But if writing was all butterflies and singing flowers and sunshine and rainless rainbows everyone would do it.

Hmm. It kind of feels like everyone does it, but then again I socialize with a lot of writers, so I might have what one might call a biased sample.

Still, I will step once more into the manuscript, and clean up if nothing else. Even if I’m not in time with this universe, it’s possible that I might be blinking just right for my imaginary ones.

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