Beyond Our Given Universe


IMG_0856So here we are, already well into August, the year 2016 a roaring train steaming past all the stops. Each day is a day, the normal length, but they slip and slide over one another until there is a pile and we’re eight months in.

There is an alternate reality out there, one where Chicago got the 2016 Summer Olympic Games, and right now, in that other world, my neighborhood is loud and packed and the lakefront is inaccessible. The roads are choked with traffic trying to avoid streets closed for events, and helicopters drone overhead.

In that other world.

But here in this one, it’s another lovely Chicago summer, the crowds pulled by the tides of the baseball and festival schedules. The shore of Lake Michigan is as open and gleaming as ever, and I sit here with my thoughts of the possible universes beyond the one we know.

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5 thoughts on “Beyond Our Given Universe

  1. Yes, it would be nice if we could access those other parallel universe’s. In my other one, I’d have the energy to get everything done I want to do. In this one, I sit in my easy chair with my laptop avoiding anything remotely productive. 😦

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