Our Show is Coming! Our Show is Coming!


Well, you may have seen a post or two about the sketch comedy writing I do…awkwardly, for me, sometimes, but I do…and we have another show opening soon! October 1, in fact, in Donny’s Skybox Theater at Second City, at 7 pm!

We run for 4 weeks, though we have a break on October 15. So our show dates are (everyone get your calendars ready!) October 1, 8, 22, and 29. What’s the title? Where’s the poster?

We all need a little mystery in our lives, don’t we?

So I’ll be revealing those tantalizing details later, but for now, I need to talk about my non-writing task for the show: Props.

Yep, guys. I’m back on props duty, and I think I’m being far too casual about it. Maybe it’s the procrastination side of me, which could, quite possibly, be both sides. Maybe it’s because I might have it under control; I placed a big order on a one-day sale and saved $20, covering a big percentage of what we needed in the process.

And maybe it’s a little bit of that magic “I’ll get it done.” Because I will.

I assume.

Anyway, I’ll be breaking out the hot glue, the cold glue, and the glue that, if it gets on your fingers, you just have to live with your new hand.

Meanwhile, gather your thirteen dollarses, because you’ll be able to buy tickets very soon!


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